Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Muse

...We never think about landmarks.
Or if we do
we want them to be
the way that waves are.
Distorting shape and form.
Always of interest.

- from Person With A Mask On by Rochelle Ratner


  1. Albert walks past the wall every day. When he started working in the district, he was struck dumb, dead in his tracks by the enormity, the power, the sacrifice, the suffering. He cried, blowing his nose on his tie.

    Now he doesn't see the flowers, the widows, the miles of names. He sees the tourists, the bottleneck of traffic, the delay to his commute. Who cares about a war when you see it every day?

  2. B.Nagel - wow. Intense but amazingly crafted. Two paragraphs imbued with a world of meaning!