Wednesday, September 2, 2009


She waited for him to reach the top of the ladder, a rose in his hand.

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  1. She waited for him to reach the top of the ladder, a rose in his hand.

    A thousand images moved through her mind in those mere seconds it took for Kurt to ascend, rung by rung. The absent-minded way he flipped his amazing chestnut hair away from his neck, which by the way, stirred up the spicy scent of his cologne, and the way he gave her that sexy little eye squint just before he kissed her were among the favorites.

    But the image that caused the lump in her throat was the one she saw yesterday;Kurt walking down the hall toward English all Siamese-twinned to Samantha Corbin, their fingers tickling together.

    His dark hair fell over his forehead as he turned to look down at the ground. Yea, hold on tight sweetie, it’s a long way down.

    Marin’s thoughts were pinballing between what she saw in the school hall and Kurt’s explanation later that day. She fought the jealousy she knew she was guilty of. How could she not be jealous with such a hot boyfriend? But, he’d never ever given her reason to doubt. She didn’t think.

    And when Kurt finally reached the windowsill, offering her that one perfect rose, Marin decided to forget about what she saw yesterday.

    Kurt leaned toward her with his sexy eye squint in place. “I’ve decided to forgive you Marin.”

    Hmm, what was that number again? 9-1-what?