Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kissing Day


  1. "OMG, tell us what happened with Kent?" My friends practically chant in unison.

    I sighed. They sighed. I sighed back. (There was a lot of heavy breathing and daydreaming happening in the far corner of the cafeteria today.) If someone were to walk by our table at that moment I'm fairly certain they'd think one of two thing: a) every member of the cheerleading squad has taken up huffing paints, or, b) we're holding a Jonas Brothers convention (for the record, Team Nick)

    "Well?" Jamie finally broke the cycle. "Tell us."

    "We went to the beach. He wore his converse and that faded navy blue t-shirt I love. And he held my face in his hands while we kissed. I'm officially gone."

    The sighs were now more of a hyperventilation.

    "Tell it again." Stephanie breathed.

    "We met, we wooed..." I started.

  2. "Mmm."

    "Was that kiss worth waiting for, Kelly?"



    "But why did we have to kiss by a dead midget?"

    "That's my jacket."


    "You sound disappointed!"


  3. Em, *sigh*

    Nevets! I'm still laughing...

  4. YAY, kissing!

    Em yours is so sweet. Nevets, erm...

    *shakes head*

    : )

  5. Hand in hand we stand
    Fingers clenched
    A tight embrace
    Our eyes meet
    A smile is born
    Sands have slowed
    As we lean
    In so close
    Arms surrounded
    Each of us
    Tender hug.

    I lean in
    Brush the hair from her face
    Our lips meet
    Sparks fly
    Nothing could ever mean
    Anything more than this

  6. As he gradually holds my hand, rubbing his thumb along the back of my hand. We are at the Tavern of Skull Island. On the outside, I am blushing like crazy. Inside I am screaming at the top of my lungs.He gets a beer, I get some white wine. "So Abi." He says.
    "Do you know why we are here?" he asks. I think I might know, but I wanna make sure.
    "Here, this table, this tavern, is where I asked you out."
    I sigh, not the kind of sigh you give when you get rejected, the kind of sigh when you are in love. "Haha Devon! You are he best."
    We wa;k back to his house, it's not too far. Just located near Avery's court. Maybe four blocks or so away. I stand in the middle of the room, staring in his great eyes. He walks up to me, holds my hips. Our foreheads touch and out lips meet. My God it was amazing. We stood like that for as long as I can remember.