Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Funday

Free day!

Post whatever you'd like.


  1. Free day! Post whatever you'd like!

    My eyes scanned the bulletin board slowly. A missing dog. A missing cat. A missing saxophone. A missing apple. Someone wants a bike. Someone wants a job. Someone wants a creative woman with no limits and a wild imagination.

    I popped a stick of wintergreen gum and slipped my own piece of paper out of my pocket, construction paper with a request scrawled in Sharpie. My red badge of courage. My dollar store dash for hope.

    There weren't any other notes like mine. A car for sale. A room for rent. A book for lending. Pickup ultimate Frisbee Wednesday nights. Drama in the park, starting next weekend. Investment club slash Christmas club slash retirement club taking applications on-line.

    I snagged a pushpin from the lower right hand corner and stabbed it through my note, pinning it as close to center as I could without completely obscuring any of the other notes. A plea for attention, perhaps. But it was sincere.

    All around my note was a wreath of less substantial ones. Textbooks no one needs anymore. Clothes no one wanted in the first place. Baseball cards that no one knows how to get rid of.

    And then mine.

    HELP ME.


    Someone would understand. Someone had to. I didn't know what else to do.

  2. Great beginning to a novel. Love it! I'm suckered in completely.