Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Mischief

"I don't remember downloading this app. I wonder what it does...


  1. “I don't remember downloading this app. I wonder what it does...” I launched the app, which was called simply, app.

    The screen was black, but it still showed title app at the top of the screen so I knew the screen was still on. Frowning, I tapped all over the screen. Nothing. No buttons. No sliders. No cursor. No gestures. Nothing.

    Considering alternatives, I shook the phone.

    For a moment, the screen flashed red.

    Then it was black again.

    There had been no sound, no display of information, no indication that the program had done anything at all except flash the screen red.

    I shook it again.

    It flashed again.

    Maybe I’m missing something. I shook it again, watching more closely.

    It was different. Somehow. I can’t really explain the difference. I didn’t see anything more. I didn’t hear anything. Nothing seemed to be happening. But it felt different.

    I did the same thing again.

    I felt warm and comfortable all over. Perhaps there was something subliminal in the background. Perhaps there was a sound below the range of hearing that still had an effect. Perhaps it was emitting the right frequency of delta band waves. Whatever it was doing, it was relaxing.

    One more shake.

    I smiled. It was definitely helping me relax. I was going to like this app.


    Throughout Myanmar, families wept. One by one. With no explanation, people were just dropping dead. Examination of their bodies showed small micro-receivers implanted in the base of their skulls. These seemed to be linked to a mechanism that pierced the top of the spinal cord, but no one could figure out what was trigger the deadly action.

  2. Wow, Nevets - totally creepy - but a completely unexpected twist - and good!

  3. AMAZING! I love how you write and this is brilliant. Great twist.

  4. "I don't remember downloading this app. I wonder what it does...", I said to myself.

    I thought I was being smart by running it inside of sandboxie, but little did I know that was what the creator was counting on.

    When I ran the app it promptly attacked the sandboxie application, and loaded a virus into my main system.

    The virus said, "See sandboxie is not as safe as you thought it was. And, thank you for the $1000 from your credit card."

    Good thing, I wasn't connected to the internet. But, I did have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall my Windows ME.

    Let that be a lesson to me, to check everything out thoroughly if I am not sure. Also, never to try something like this on my primary PC (XP, Vista and Windows 7 machines)