Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eerie Night

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    The creepy soundtrack was that of miniscule chirps and the "hooty-who" of the night owl's serenade being played. The humidity rose from the surface of the marsh thickly giving a feeling of something about to transpire.

    The branches of the Kelvic trees hung lowly, providing shelter and isolation, and sparse vegetation to augment the stringent diet of bark and berry-like consumables. A diminutive shadow lurks, padding along the edges of darkness.

    The starkness of this world played out in the animosity of the good and evil that resided there. For what existed in the light was magnified once you became embroiled in the dark side.

    "Ummmm, winds of change blow, do they not?" the feeble creature chimed to the spirits that cohabitated this swamp.

    "For this shit, too old I have become, have I not?" he resigned.

    Jedi Master Yoda made his way to his simple domicile. There were preparations to be made before the rebel fighter crashes to the boggy surface of Dagoba.

    "Crash it will, with great force it shall!" he said to himself.

    It was not the crash that gave him concerns. His mind focused on the "great force".