Thursday, March 22, 2012


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  1. ALL HAIL!

    Altimus waited for the VII:XV chariot to Rhodes. But he was having a difficult time flagging it down. At this rate, he'll never get home. The rush hour was always so hectic at this time of day.

    Acrimonious crossed under the viaduct where he met up with his friend in waiting.

    "Hail Altimus" he greeted. "you seem troubled."

    "Yea, I can not seem to wave down a chariot for the trek homeward."

    "Well, I see what vexes you" Acrimonious observed. "You aren't extending your arm enough!"

    Acrimonious demonstrated and Altimus mimicked his motion.

    "I can't seem to get it" Altimus resigned. "I think I'll just walk"

    He departed and started his stroll home. Unfortunately, Altimus had a poor sense of direction. He ended up walking for days. He roamed all over the Empire until he eventually found his way.

    Mrs. Altimus had always told her husband, "All roam leads to Rhodes!". You would have thought he'd have learned that by now.