Saturday, March 24, 2012

A light in the clearing

image courtesy of liquid love light


  1. Oh sure, change photos on me in mid stream. ;'ll get to it a little later. Thanks RJ.

    1. Sorry - I wasn't sure the first one showed up. I can put it back if you want. hehe

  2. No That's cool. I'll catch up; a hectic weekend.


    The warrior stood unsure.

    Since the re-greening of the earth after the great conflagration, every path looked the same. He had wandered for days searching for the road that would lead to the settlement, if it even still existed amidst the rubble.

    War was a vacation compared to the hell that was Armegeddon. Buildings were leveled. Farm plantations were ravaged and laid barren. The young women folk and the infirm were encamped in Spa Fortresses. The warrior had nothing to return to, except maybe the fellowship of other like desolate souls.

    The Haraque was at the center of the interchange. Legend held the secret of this hub, the commom point from which all roads began. The roads were marked by the elements. Fire Slip went eastward along the river bed. Granite Walk was a trecherous way to go, the rubble and debris had yet to settle, but could be navigated by a patient heart and a sure foot. Mudstream was unsafe as well with the radiation rendering the waterway deadly. Windraven was a wide clearing where once heavily wooded. When the thermal inversion began, it ran unimpeded creating a tunnel effect for the flow of forceful airways.

    But the tale spoke of the Slither Trail, a path strewn with reptilian tendrils of tree root and branches. This was the path he sought. Warnings were posted, but the warrior paid them no heed.
    He would rather die on the right path than to wander aimlessly to Hades!