Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It Was a Sign...



    The re-zoning committee had deliberated for weeks on end. But, as any good politician (an oxymoron for sure) will tell you, progress is a slow and painstaking process. So it stood to reason that Calvin Weems felt disenfranchised. The guy for whom he had voted, was absent from the hearings again, rendering Calvin silent once more. Frustration was Weems’ companion, and many in the Council chambers carried the same animus.

    “Mr. Weems,” the Council President began. “All of these people are in the same predicament. The right decision has to be made for all concerned.”

    Calvin felt as if he had been beating his head against the wall of their indifference. He was at his wit’s end.

    Bill Fleming from around the block made his case for the apportionment that was upon the table. His concerns did not mimic Calvin’s in the least. Bill’s store was left untouched and he stood to reap great benefit from the re-districting and the loss of the four streets being dissolved meant more exposure in the Super-Duper Mega-Plaza taking their place.

    “You’ll be paid well for your lot and your house will be moved at no cost to you, Calvin. I see no reason for you to stand in the way of moving forward!” Fleming said condescendingly.

    The fact is that the corner of the town in question had been fighting this proposal for a long time. That is was coming to a final vote meant that Calvin Weems and the other residents of the four streets affectionately called “Virtue Row” had much at stake in these hearings. Street by street, the vote was taken.

    Hope Drive was the first to be slated for demolition. Faith Court was soon to follow. The folk residing on Love Avenue were despondent at the thought of Love being destroyed. But the length of the discussions drove the meeting to run longer than expected. The vote on Calvin’s thoroughfare was tabled for the next meeting. Weems was incredulous!

    “You’re telling me that you can not extend the time and vote on the last street?” Calvin asked excitedly.

    “Mr. Weems, all in due time. Don’t lose patience!” the Council President remanded.

    Calvin Weems sadly headed for his house on Patience Street, knowing that it was only a matter of time before he did just that – lose Patience.

  2. I'm really hoping that, in the end, patience wins out! ;-)

  3. Standing (daily) at the crossroads of
    patience and frustration,
    I realize that a slight turn to the right
    will lead to
    sweet and salty fruit
    of Heaven