Thursday, April 12, 2012




    I wrote a little one...if you'd like to read feel free to copy/paste and visit me. Smiles!

  2. I truly believe that John Lennon was a spirit way before his time.
    Very much like Gandhi too. They saw things so much more simply than ordinary folk, and were not afraid to say what they saw as a way of sharing the greatest universal truths with others. They never sought to be hugely accredited for being this way or for trying to promote a spirit of sharing, helping and participating in the art of creativity. John especially was a rare talent, both lyrically and musically and his song Imagine is as far as I am concerned, one of the greatest attempts ever, to open peoples eyes to a better way of living and cooperation. Sadly many people poo pooed the idealistic nature of it as Utopian clap trap. If only more people would give it serious thought and likewise realise that the future is actually in our (each and every individuals) own power to accomplish.

    Following dreams of becoming an engineer, a pop star, a nurse, a politician, a fireman are all noble in themselves, but without a concern as to how our choice impacts on other we will never be able to move much farther along the road to peace and ultimately genuine lasting happiness.
    Who doesn't feel good when they have done a kindness for someone, a random act of caring? If we all tried just a little bit harder and with a bit more compassion, then the world would have done what John's lyrics have advocated.
    Imagine.... a world as it should be, free from getting ahead at the expense of everyone else.
    Like that 5 year old who thought happiness was the greatest achievement as something to be sought after.
    Not rich, not adored or admired but happy.

    I wish I could have met John, and said thank you for helping me to see what is really important.

    He is one of my biggest heros.

    R.I.P. John Winston Lennon

    Peaceful Warrior.

  3. That is really profound. Simple but deep. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Hope you'd drop by again soon.

  4. I is true. The key to life is your aspect and grip on it. If you have an idea, grasp at it. If you have a goal, try it. I would love to thank him. "Thanks!"