Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some things might not be what you would expect...

Image courtesy of In Deziner


  1. Twisted Version Of Alice

    So, Alice walked down a long twisted road, pondering quite a bit. "How weird is this? At one point, I am playing Angry Birds on my iPod, and POOF! I am here!" The path came to a hault, and she was holding a cane of a flamingo head.
    Then, a queer looking cat fell into a tree with only a puff of smoke. " Whats up, girl?" "Oh, nothing much. Just in a wierd world with nothing normal in it." The cat laughed as a reply. "What? It isn't funny." This catthought about what to say for a little bit and came up with this: "Would you like to go Here or There?" Well, Alice just took a guess. "Here I guess, why not." The cat pointed to the right. "Go that way." And Alice was on her way to meet her next detour.