Sunday, April 8, 2012


It floats. It flies. It soars. It sings. Emily Dickinson called it the feathered thing.

For many of us, today is all about hope. And whether or not this day holds any meaning for you, we can all use a little glimmer of it.

If you hope to write today: Write about a hopeful day. Or a day devoid of hope. Or the hope of days to come. Hope you enjoy writing.


  1. I love this prompt, De. I'll see what I can do, but I'm dying from a sugar high and am not sure if I can stay awake. I hope you had a great Easter.

  2. Thanks, Laurie. I think we are all deeply entrenched in poeming this month, but I didn't want to shirk my Sisterhood commitment over here. ;) Maybe there's a Hope poem here...shall ponder. I'll have to flash my fiction in May...barely keeping head above water as it is.

  3. She wakes up with the birds and inhales the morning outside her shed. She sits under a porch she created using the driftwood, she’d collected. In old Latin letters “crew” is painted on the bench where she rests. She has herrings for breakfast.
    “Got to go to the harbour today,” she says to herself. “I hope Allan has some fresh herrings today.”
    She wonders whether a prayer to God might help so she folds her hands and whispers: “Please herrings.”
    “And you make sure you’re probably dressed,” she says smiling since she forgot to put on her trousers the other day.
    Only today she’d unlikely forget them. It’s raining.
    Her bicycle is ready and she pushes it on to the road. She gets on to it and begins to sing her song, her favourite – “Singin in the Rain.” She knows that singing makes all things so much easier and on a rainy day this song fits even so much better. She reaches the harbour in half an hour.
    “Good day to you, sir,” she says to Allan, the fisherman.
    “Hi,” he says. “I’ve got some few herrings and I put them in the red box over there.”
    She’s ready with her old women’s purse and acts as if she wants to pay. He shakes his head.
    “You just take what you need. Only don’t touch the lobster and the soles,” he says.
    “What a beautiful day,” she says.
    “Yeah, very good for fishing,” he says.
    “This colour of violet makes us all feel wonders,” she says but Allan already turned his back to her.
    She got all the fish she'd hoped for.

  4. Oh, Andrea. I am so loving this character. The wording of this line: “And you make sure you’re probably dressed,”
    SO endearing. There is so much hope in this piece, and thankfulness for little things, and quiet contentment. Just beautiful.