Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings...A Man Full of Trouble

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



    Leon was amazed at the condition of the piece he held in his hands. The placard was clearly from the Revolutionary Period of United States history. He was surprised that no one had come across it until unearthing it from the attic of the old colonial manse he was restoring. The era that the house had been constructed would have given credence to the old wooden sign.

    In his possession were the salvage rights to whatever he might deem useful or of worth in the house. Coming to find this piece was indeed a blessing. It intrigued him.

    The local historian sized up the piece and verified its authenticity. A major find; a historic artifact. In the archives he had read where such a banner had hung over the Winthrop House, which at one time was a tavern and brothel.
    What had been painted upon the boards told a story.

    Rumor had it that George Washington, the father of the country, frequented the place for the libations as well as the sweet titalation the women provided. It gave testament to the thought that "George Washington Slept Here" It was probably true. George imbibed on mulled wine; he loved its hallucinogenic properties.

    And so, as was explained to Leon, the painted sign depicted, George Washington walking with a pink clad harlot with her "kitty" exposed. He had a monkey on his back (mulled wine addiction), and at his right hand was his parrot, Martha. Washington couldn't get the bird to shut up either. He certainly was a man full of trouble!