Monday, June 11, 2012

12 Angry Men

Image courtesy of 12 Angry Men

I'm on jury duty this week, so I thought this might be an interesting prompt...what would you do to convince 11 other people - people who have strongly different ideas and beliefs - to agree to 'go along' with your way of thinking? What if you're wrong?  What if you know you're wrong?

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  1. ANGRY 12th MAN

    Sam told Ralph it was a mistake. A monumental mistake. Ralph in his drunken stuper did not hear a word of protest. All he knew is that he bought tickets for the game smack-dap in the middle of the home crowd. They were obnoxious and loud. About as loud as their red, white and blue jerseys were amongst the "Seas of Green".

    Under normal circumstances, Sam would have reveled in having such great seats. But with Ralph running his yap talking smack because the home team was taking in on the chin, Sam had an inkling how the Christians felt on "game" day at the Coliseum.

    "Heh, heh...don't mind my friend. He's a little drunk!" Sam apologized.

    "He's gonna be a lot dead if he don't shut up! The burly green "construction worker" intoned.

    "Hey, you his apologist?" another green thing interrupted. "Maybe you would like to take his beatin' for him, huh?"

    "Look guys we don't any trouble..." Sam attempted to calm things.

    Sam always remembered his father's instructions.

    "If you get in a tussle, take out the biggest guy!" Dad echoed.

    In a moment of insanity, Sam clenched both fists in front of him. Laughter roared.

    "Look it, John L. Sullivan come back to life!"

    "Hey Ralph, any help would be appreciated!" Sam called back to his passed out partner.

    The short mouthy guy with the wild green afro, was pleased to oblige Sam's invitation. Sam had just seconds to react.

    He shot a hard punch to his right, catching the "Green Giant" next to him squarely where the sun don't shine. He fell to his knees like a sack of broccoli.

    On the ride home, Sam felt empowered. Sure he lost his best jersey, and sure Sam got his ass kicked. He knew Ralph will be pissed when he comes to, beaten and in jail, but what the hell! Sam made his point and earned respect. Mostly from himself.