Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time Immaterial

Today let's put a different spin on time.  Write your fiction as if:
There is no such thing as time -or- Time doesn't matter at all.



    26512 walked 17 miles until the sunlight had gone away. She knew that her journey would continue on the return of it to lead her onward. The security warden had instructed her to on travel where her path was illuminated.

    She had more miles to traverse. 26152's legs were sore and fatigued. She knew she needed to arrive in another 137 miles.The way she felt, she didn't think she'd be able to continue. She needed to call her destination to inform them of this fact.

    "You have obligations!" the sector seven security warden reprimanded. "You must arrive!"

    "I will try. I can not promise I'll make it" she said.

    "Well, when do you think you might arrive?" the officer inquires.

    "What do you mean?" 26512 replied. "I do not understand."

    "I need to cover your absence if you are not here. When do you think you can make it?"

    "Excuse me Sir, but... I will be there in 137 miles! I do not know what when is." 26512 answered in her confusion.

    The security warden was not fully briefed on the new existence mandate. In fact, he could easily be banished for such talk. They had outlawed the concept once refered to as time; there is no when. There is where, and how, and how far. If 26512 could not make the 137 miles to New Cincinnati on foot, the warden did not know what he would do, and he didn't know why!

  2. Now this is speculation on steroids, Walt. What confusion such an event would create. Had he not learned of the mandate? Had she somehow crossed over into another dimension on this journey of hers and did not realize that in this universe, time still exists? So many questions, so little to go on. Just the kind of story to provoke readers everywhere.

    Great job, Walt.