Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Knows Best

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It's Father's Day! And in honor of all of those amazing dads out there, I'd like your story today to include a little fatherly advice - be it preposterous, poignant, wise or whimsical. Share a story about your own dad. Pen a completely fictional tale about an offbeat dad. Or if you happen to be a dad, give us your best fatherly advice, story or prose form, of course. Have fun with this, because unlike life under dad's roof, there are no rules. Flash your fatherly fiction today, and share your piece in the comments. 

Happy, Happy Father's Day to all of you dads. And Happy Writing, all. 


  1. I would have, gladly, but i'm just off for lunch at my daughter's! Thanks for remembering us dads, though.

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  3. Down To Earth

    The image of the golf course owner on all fours cutting The Green with a pair of scissors comes true on Neil’s golf course. He takes pride in maintaining his Greens with special dense, short cut grass.
    And it’s quite an investment though he only has a seven holes course. Should he want to have the required nine holes, he would have to buy the entire island.
    The locals stopped laughing, though, because players from all around the world come to his fields now, playing golf.
    “There’s no future in farming out here,” he says, “the future is in the world.”
    He likes to add that they, his wife, Elisabeth and him, kept one cow and that’s a remark that has the guests smiling.

    Also today where Mr. and Mrs. Jensen work themselves through the challenges everything seems right until Mr. Jensen hits his wife with his golf club and she falls to the ground, The Green, blood all over her face. When Mr. Jensen sees her, he turns and runs screaming to the farm where Neil and his wife are preparing their lunch.
    “What happened,” Neil shouts.
    “I hit my wife, I hit my wife,” Mr. Jensen shouts.
    “In her face.”
    “No, what hole?”
    “Hole number seven,” Mr. Jensen says now crying. “I fear she’s dead.”
    Neil immediately dials 999 and Elisabeth runs to the fields, forgetting she holds a can of fresh milk all the way along.

    There’s a helicopter airport up north only Neil directs the helicopter to land on his fields, his Green at hole number seven. And he’s running shouting into the cell phone, instructing the helicopter pilot precisely where to go. And he reaches the woman and sees she’s alive. His wife attending her lying besides her, holding an arm around her while stopping the bleeding the best she can. He sees a face of blood and bones.
    “The helicopter will be here any minute,” Neil shouts, “and you’ll be alright.”
    And in minutes the helicopter is there.
    “I put two teeth in the milk,” Elisabeth shouts and hands her milk can to the pilot while the emergency crew gets the woman inside the helicopter.

    Neil looks at his ruined Green.
    “I love you,” Elisabeth says.

    1. LOVE the teeth in the milk! Fantastic! What a great, intimate detail. And what a sweet couple. Love that last line. Thanks so much for writing for my prompt, Andrea. I always enjoy your flashy, so much.