Sunday, June 3, 2012

Forever Blowing Bubbles

                                                                                      Photo credit De Jackson

Today, let your words float out...
...about a time that felt lighter than air. 
...about something that bursts your bubble. 
...or about seeing things in a brand new way. 

Just write, and see what pops.  


  1. My grandmother sang
    In her clear contralto 
    Of pretty bubbles in 
    The air
    As clean breezes 
    Blew and I twirled
    A tiny girl princess
    In her long satin slip 
    Swirling around ankles
    On pointed tip toes
    Drifting toward today
    Dancing the invisible
    Current of her velvet carpet

    1. Love this, especially, Pearl:
      "Dancing the invisible
      Current of her velvet carpet"

    2. Aw thank you Andrea ...
      Thank you De - sometimes time just has a way of moving like the sea....

  2. I stepped out on the balcony, just out of curiosity you understand.

    My name is Nikita, I'm a 14 year old Cat, and we have just moved into a new 2nd floor apartment, and one does need to investigate, get a feel for things, you understand how it is.

    Daddy was in the bathroom, using his Litter Bowl, and forgot to close the sliding glass window, so what's a curious Kitty supposed to do, I ask you?

    I never did bel;ieve in old wise tales, but maybe that's because I've always been an indoor cat.

    The view from the balcony was spectacular!

    I could see a lot from there.

    All of it interesting, too!

    Suddenly I saw a Human woman being walked by her fancily groomed Poodle, and I moved toward the edge of the balcony for a better look.

    Too close, as it turned out!

    All of a sudden I found myself falling toward the ground below!

    I must admit that all 9 lives flashed before my eyes in an instant, yet all that really caugh my attention was how lighter than air I felt.

    Falling, with my back to the ground, I somehow managed to turn myself in plenty of time to, yes, land on my feet, with a THUMP!

    Dazed, and confused, but none the worse for my flight, all I remember is being picked up by the woman, as her Poodle laughed her tail off, and being carried to our apartment where a puzzled Daddy opened the door, and got a surprise. :-D

    Daddy has put a "Do Not approach!" sign at the edge of the balcony to remind me, and Elvira, of the danger. :-D

    NOTE: Not based on a true story! Daddy Kiril IS trying to move us to Dallas, or Houston, soon, and some of the prosepecs do have balconies, so I guess you might call this a "Cautionary" tale. :-D

    1. Mr. Nikita! This is FUN! :) Thanks so much for "dropping" by. Love "Litter Bowl," especially. Made me smile.

    2. Great fun...could also be a "cautionary tail" ( insert groan)

  3. dip the ring in soap
    puff air through to make it form
    a drift of bubbles


    Diana Terrill Clark

  4. Was thinking what to write to you this morning De, but then the story found me!

    I just came in from a morning run during which I spent a lot of time contemplating how things have changed while I’ve been running the same route every day this week, down the street, thru Lynn creek park, across Lynn creek up the hill and back home thru city streets. I’ve no doubt that, once my nagging deadlines are met, more of the city will get my attention, but for today I’ve compiled a list of early summer neighborhood pros and cons:

    Good: Chickadees in an uproar
    Bad: Dog frightens American Dipper
    Good: Rain holding off
    Bad: Personal temperature regulation. (Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off.)
    Good: Fresh, bright flowers in gardens mean increased dawdling potential.
    Bad: Work behavior decreases in direct relationship with increased dawdling potential.
    Good: Who wants to work all the time anyway?
    Good (and probably the best): That feeling of waking winter-dormant knowledge: Whose song is that? Look at those lilacs! When will Lynn creek calm high will the water rise? There’s a new sense of expectation to a run just now because the potential for surprise is so high. This territory has been familiar and slow to change for the past few months but now all bets are off.

    As for the Ugly bit, that’s related to my morning route.

    Crossing Lynn creek requires managing a small, slippery wooden boardwalk through a damp section of forest and over a ditch that runs along the creek. But as I was examining bubbles coming from the mud around the skunk cabbage I didn’t notice the edge of the boardwalk. At least not till I ended up shin high in the mud.*

    *Please recall that I was not wearing wellies.

  5. Veronica, this is great! What a fun run of stream of conscious thought. Love "Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off." Those runs/hikes like that drive me nuts. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, body! Are you hot, or cold?

    Sorry 'bout the Ugly. Sluggin' through mud ain't no fun. ;)

  6. As for me I am a 12 year old nerd always looking for fun, but sometimes get into a little mischif here and there. But, as for a normal schedual, I am alway feeling lighter than air. I love it. It almost feels as though the world is handed to you. But sometimes the wold is like Atlas ( god of the earth) shrugged. If you don't know the story, Google Atlas Shrugged. That might help a little.

    Currently, when I write my book (Thank you for inspiration Veronica!!!) All I can feel is unidentifided feelings. My book is just magnificent. I get ideas from my everyday experiences, like at school or with friends and books. I ffel my heart pounding just thinking of it. If you nned some more ideas about this, it is about a nerd girl and a ghost boy.

    Well, as you can see, life in my shoes isn't just lighter than air. It can be Daunting. But as I knwo, life isn't all Amity. You need to be Dauntless.