Sunday, July 1, 2012

See-Through Heart

                                                                              photo by de jackson 

It's a fragile thing. Sometimes you wear it on your sleeve. Sometimes you tuck it away somewhere in hopes of keeping it safe. And sometimes you give it away...only to fear you might never see it again. Today, write something from the heart. Whether it's a story of heartache, heart break, or the joy of two hearts finally coming together, open your heart and let us see what's inside. Post your piece here, and if someone's story touches your heart, be sure to let them know.


  1. Love your prompt, De!! Such great words and image...thank you for doing what you do from your heart!!


    Here's what I offer!! Please come read if you're so inclined!! Smiles to y'all!

  3. I don't know why your photo brought feelings of heartbreak De. I suppose it's the skeletal remains of the leaf. Here's what I came up with:

    I watch the rose bloom in the garden
    shedding petals like tears
    a line of memories drifts past

    oceans away storms gather
    around the dim outlines
    of your half remembered face

    the distance between us
    is bridged by an arc of words
    evil currents of words

    colder than ice
    sharper than steel
    they spark and crack at either end

    1. "oceans away storms gather
      around the dim outlines
      of your half remembered face"

      Love this portion, Veronica...beautiful indeed!!

    2. wow, I cannot belive it. That is amazing. I listen to a lot of heartbreak songs and I am 12 and writing a book. I cannot belive it. I read Divergent and Insurgent and I love Tobias. I Just am shocked by this. I almost cried. Thank you for your words of intulectual intelligence.

  4. This is a song I thought of one night.

    I walk by, as I say Hi. I really do not know if he
    Knows I am not transparent.

    One day I know I will go up to you and state:
    I know you know that ypur Roses are red
    And your violets are blue
    But did you know
    That I like you.

    Flash back to the second grade,
    Did I reallyy know you?
    I thought we would be together forever,
    but I was kept away for a year or few.
    Nothing went right, my stomach fluttering,
    heart aching just to say:

    I know that you know the roses are red
    And the violets are blue
    but did you know that I like you?

    Then, one day
    It was before math class,
    I ripped a peice of paper
    I wrote it
    I regret it
    I regret it.
    Why? I send out my heart for you and fly it back broken
    You keep your heart tucked away, waiting for someone
    I am that person
    I am for you

    1. Abigail, this is beautiful. I sincerely hope you will save that precious, fragile heart for someone who truly deserves it someday. I speak from experience when I say your heart is the most valuable thing you have, and it's terribly difficult to get back, when given away to the wrong person.

      My daughter's name is Abigail. She is 9, and as you probably know, the name means "Joy." I wish you great joy in your life, as you use beautiful words to express your beautiful heart.

    2. Thank you so much! It is worth so much to hear it from a truly amazing author. You know, I am not much older than your daughter! I am 12!
      Many authors are such an inspiration to me. I was in total shock when I saw you reply. I am writing a book and I hope you get to see it some day. Thanks again!