Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time Travel

Continuing with the concept of time, let's incorporate the TIME TRAVEL into todays fiction.  Maybe there is a "way back machine" or perhaps just blinking the eyes gets it done.  Get creative with time travel today.

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    It was merely a pill. A capsule stored in a small glass vault. "ONLY FOR EMERGENCY" it had been labeled.

    Kihr Lein stood before the panel, wrestling with a decision that could alter the world as it had come to be known. The last battle had been waged. Mutual destruction. Everyone was gone. Everyone but Kihr Lein.

    Oh, life had indeed changed for the sole survivor. Things were less rushed. There was no more need to stand in line. Everything was his. Kihr Lein had it all. He was very unhappy. Wanted for nothing... except human contact; the sound of another voice than his own.

    But was this an emergency? His life wasn't in any danger. No one threatened his existence. The only thing that sat in the balance was Kihr Lein's sanity.

    He thought back to the time when the world, over-populated as it was, was a bustle of life. Conflicts certainly made things a bit testy at times, but the Peace he remembered soothed his heart. Children's laughter was a symphonic treatise to his aching ears. Mobility seemed effortless. He missed women.

    Could he be willing to relinquish a small bit of his "wealth" for a return to those days?

    Kihr Lein looked to the ground, finding a remnant of shrapnel with some heft to it. He aimed for the center of the protective crystalline covering that housed the "Pill". It was a way back. The only way back. Kihr Lein hammered at the glass repeatedly causing a mere chip in the otherwise pristine piece.

    Some time had passed. Kihr Lein had little strength left but his efforts had almost rendered his great success. With both hands clutching the hardened piece of earth, he came down once more shattering the remainder of the glass.

    A trembling hand reached for the placebo. Kihr Lein raised it to his lips, pushing through the parched skin. He tried to summon a bit of saliva to allow him to swallow. A gulp. A gasp. A cough.
    He managed to choke it down.

    Kihr Lein waited. The ground did not shift. Lights failed to flash. Buildings once destroyed, stayed in that condition. And then he looked. Behind where the pill had rested. A notation read clearly:
    Expiration Date - Aug. 16 2127. Today's date. Kihr Lein sat in the street and waited for the prophecy to be fulfilled. By nightfall, the expiration will have occured.