Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Timing is Everything

Today, write your fiction about something that works out right or comes together simply because the timing was perfect.


  1. Well, I am writing a book, and I am very young, like 12yo young. So I hope you like it!

    Okay, I am super nervous and I have to do the solo in a song, to prove I can do it in front of people in the concert. I slept for a few hours, with Alex sitting down near me, almost guarding me.
    When I finally woke up, I was ready to do the solo, I thought. But, when it was my turn to audition, I was wiping my palms on my jeans to get rid of the sweat accumulating. The teacher, Ms. Brater, says, “Ah, Little Ms. Granger.” I say this with a little laugh, “Hi Ms. Brater.” She motions to the Mic and says, “Whenever you are ready Ms. Granger.” I take a deep breath and get ready. There are maybe over 150 kids staring at me, waiting and thinking about how weird even though most kids have never seen me before. I wish they had an algorithm for this. So I stare at the ladder on the stage behind the top riser...and you will think I am crazy, but I saw Alex seated upon the ladder behind all the people. Just seeing him makes the weight fall from my chest. I feel relief. I am finally ready. I sing in front of all these eyes and do a good job, too! When I am done, he flies over everyone and takes a bow on the ground next to me, and I copy him.

  2. Very nice. Keep up the great writing Abi !!!