Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Thursday/Friday Flashy Fiction Image/Word Depiction Prompt!!

*Let your mind wander on these images, 
depict in words what your heart wishes.

*Try to bring in as many sensory details as you can.

*Add a character or two...
maybe include some dialogue,
perhaps incorporate a certain mood but...

*Above all and most importantly, write and have fun!

Feel free to pick one to write to for today and save one to play around with tomorrow, if you like!

Images Via Amazingly Beautiful Writing Prompts


  1. Oooo, I like either one. This will be my first one. Today's offering.

    The Light of Meaning

    Within me grows a tension I cannot place. What could cause this sensation of impending destiny, which perches like a vulture just out of visual range? Does my breath come short and quick because of unexpected claustrophobia at the looks of this narrow canyon before me?

    My friends don’t seem to notice how silence surrounds this place, how the scent of dust carries with it a hint of the ancient. Their shouts fall short of my space, leaving me in a personal bell jar inside these striped red walls.

    Illusions of undulating Dune’s Shai-Hulud flash across my mind. I wonder if this was how Paul felt the first time he waited for that beast to rise from the desert floor. Would there such a ritual for me to perform for the coming secret to reveal itself? And how did I know there was a secret?

    Footsteps echo. Shock sweeps through me. I recognize them as my own, though I don’t recall moving into the inner recesses of a side chamber. Dim illumination draws me forward, faster as hesitation drops away. I must know this thing that would be.

    Twists and turns, dried water channels of exquisite sandstone, bring me, at last, to the chamber. I burst forth from the passage, panting in excitement and terror. Finally I see what has haunted my vague dreams for longer than memory reaches. It waits; one glorious beam of pure light.

    Within that circle of illumination is the future I’ve tried to escape from and now run to in a sprint of desperation. Could my heart beat any harder and remained caged within my body? Could my responding body contain so much light?

    A jerk, like that of a tether drawn forward suddenly, pulls me into the beam of sunlight that squeezes through a tiny overhead opening. My head arches back. My chest swells and rises, as if I’m a mere marionette and someone has yanked my string upward. My mind is filled with music, sweet and gentle, as it ebbs and surges through the channels of my soul.

    Home has come calling. I have been away longer than I can imagine right now. My mind registers the knowledge of a previous, though, different life elsewhere; a knowledge that explains so much that has confused me during this life.

    The music and light fill me with the purpose I’ve been seeking. All is clear now. I have come this far to learn that only one act of mine is necessary for my life to have meaning for this world; to learn that with that act, I have completed my purpose here and can go home again.

    Is there any better bliss than such sure knowledge?

  2. Bliss indeed, Claudsy!!! This pulled me emotively along for the twisting-surging event of your well turned character!! Very well written, my friend!!

    Thank you for writing FF!!

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah. I can't tell you where it came from. I saw the picture and there it was, waiting to come out. So glad you liked it.

  3. Love it Claudsy! You make me want to read more of this story. :)

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  5. Sorry for the first delete Hannah, had to edit. Beautiful pictures. Here's my try:

    At the trunk of the second tree, among the roots, a fox is waiting for its mate to come trotting down the path towards the den. The morning light obscures the view, so that the fox at the tree cannot see its mate on the path is bleeding from a wound in the breast. If the fox at the tree wishes to be reunited with its mate is will have to trot down the path towards it. But the light strengthens till the fox can no longer see the path on which its mate is. Then the wind rises and the dust and light are swept down the path forcing the fox to retreat to its den. Meanwhile the wounded fox falls to the ground.

    1. Oh, heart aches for our fox friends that you've crafted so tenderly. Beautiful write, as always!! Thank you so very much for writing FF!!

    2. Ah, Veronica, you've put together such a poignant piece of fiction; one that pushes the reader to deep concern while adding frustration to the mix. Very well done. You are going to expand this one, aren't you?

      You really must, you know. Otherwise, how will we know if she lives or dies yards from her doorstep?

      Can't wait to see what you do with this one. Great job.