Saturday, October 20, 2012


You are anyone in history.

Write a letter to someone expressing your fear, or confidence about an upcoming event in your life. Tell of your thoughts about what is about to transpire.

Your correspondence will become a document of historical significance, it's that big.

Sit right down and write yourself a letter.

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  1. An Immergrant's letter

    Dearest Mother and Father,
    America is amazing. The bulidings are bewildering. And the people! Oh so many people! Definatly people than our little village in Ireland.

    The boat ride was aweful. I was in steerage, and I know I should be grateful for what I can get and that I am even going to America, But it was aweful! I loathed it because everyone was in the same place, and we were squished. We got water that tased like vinegar and I couldn't turn when we had to sleep. It was scary and I got sick more than a few times each night.

    The Isle of Tears, Or the Isle of Joy, was frightening. It was condusing. They wanted me to undress, Mother and Father! I had to stand in front of the Board of Inquery and plead my case, ( I passed!) I saw how many people were deported and wished that I could bring them with me. But the joyous feeling when I found out I passed was just increadible!

    I will soon find a job and save money to bring you both and Emmy, too.

    Love you lots.