Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Roy G. Biv

Incorporate a rainbow in to your fiction today.  Perhaps your character(s) follow a rainbow to its' end and find something other than a pot of gold.   Maybe there is something special about the colors that are seen.  These is not much in nature more beautiful than a rainbow.  Have fun seeing where your imagination will take you today.

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    In the extended rainy/ rainbow season we are experiencing, we need to add several new leprechauns to our roster of gold-pot guardians. We provide class room as well as on the job training and the normal leprechaun benefits and pay scale as spelled out in the Leprechaun Worker Pay and Benefit Guide Book. The G-POT Guardians work in teams of two when pot-sitting.

    The teams work on a rotation basis with other teams. A team will be on duty for a six hour shift, then that team is off-duty for six shifts, thus allowing for varied times for team shift assignments.

    There are seven regular teams for each rainbow along with six floating guardians assigned to fill-in for each sector of four rainbows. The floaters are there to cover for any team or team member who is absent due to personal or health concerns.

    The newly appointed guardians will work with seasoned guardians as floater during their on-the-job- training and probationary period. There are great opportunities for conscientious, hardworking leprechauns.

    Once past the probationary period, a Guardian is assigned to a given rainbow; they will remain with that rainbow for a minimum of one year.

    You will be on duty at the pot even during those times that the rainbow is not on display. Applicants need to also be aware that some job-travel will be involved since any given rainbow can (and is) used in a number of different locations during the Rainbow Season.

    Note that even during non-active rainbow periods of time, the Gold Pot needs to be guarded.

    If you feel that this is the job you would like to purse, please contact the employment office ASAP. Also, there are openings in the Rainbow Transit Department. Please call the Transit Department for addend information.