Friday, October 12, 2012

While the Gettin's Good

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Storer

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Storer

Get your fiction on...Flashy Fiction Friday writers
with a little two fer image action! 

Attack this from any angle you please...
suggestions you ask? 

Assume the point of view of the bird if you like
or get way out there and...
well you remember the movie "The Birds," don't you? 

Above all be sure to...have fun! 



    Here is where you'll find my flashy piece!! Thanks you guys! :)

  2. SEAGULLS By Marjory M Thompson

    She sat alone with her back to the concrete bulkhead that divided the beach; isolated. Most people did not venture this far down the beach. The gray sand was replaced with rocks as the beach approached the bulkhead and then was filled with larger boulders, which were hard to negotiate either bare-footed or with shoes. She was glad to be alone; needed to think.

    When she had arrived at this chosen spot, dozens of seagulls had swirled around her, screeching, dipping close anticipating some treat that they could snatch up. Without the expected offering forthcoming, they gradually left for more promising beaches area. She waited until only two gulls remained. One with a slight dip in a wing that had been injured in some way. The second had one leg that never seems to touch the rock. She called the “Dip” and Peg”. They each stood quietly on boulders a few feet, calmly eyeing her, seeming to know that they were to be quiet.

    Finally, she reached into the bag pressed between her and the bulkhead to select two pieces of dry bread. The two gulls became more alert, but did not spring up or fly towards her. She spoke quietly to them about the happenings of her day and each cocked its head as if listening. She stopped talking, watched them briefly then gently throw the
    bread to a spot halfway between them and her. Without a sound, they swooped up the offering and automatically the three of them looked to see if there was any reaction from the other birds.

    A few gulls flew towards the bulkhead where Dip and Peg had returned to theirs boulders, but on arriving; saw only the three of them sitting quietly with no sign of bread or other offerings in sight. After a quick inspection, they rejoined the flock of gulls milling hopefully near the bathers on the sand.

    She waited briefly then again tossed out bread to the pair of gulls waiting. They scooped up their treats, returned to the boulders as again three sets of eyes checked the reaction of the flock of gulls. The flock ignored them.

    Reaching out, she set two offerings on a nearby boulder. Dip and Peg moved carefully to the bolder and each carefully picked up and ate the bread, and remained at the place of offering. She repeatedly placed bread in front of them as periodically they each turned to check the flock. When on inquisitive gull flew over to check them out, they each sat motionless, as the gull circled around them then flew back to the flock.

    Once the bag was empty, she brushed crumbs from her hands and sat softly talking to the gulls. Then with a sign, she leaned back against the bulkhead. The pair remained watching her until she gently clapped her hands. They seemed to bow as the spread their wings, lifted to circle above her head then fly out across the tide to settle in the calmer waters beyond the shore waves.

  3. I enjoy your description in the first paragraph about how the beach changes, Marjory. The names are befitting and comical and I often believe that animals can have a deeper understanding of our world...more than we might know. Great piece, Marjory!!

  4. I appreciate your comments Hannah. I love being at the beach (less than a mile away) where there are many seagulls and other birds. I enjoy the FF photos you provide. Thank You Marjory