Friday, October 19, 2012

Affecting Atmospheres

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So...Friday Flashy Fiction writers...

Time to explore what your setting can do for your prose,

details and all the rest that make the best stories. 

Give it a go...have fun! 


  1. LIGHTNING By Marjory M Thompson

    This honestly started out as prose, but lent itself too quickly to morphing. I'll blame it on the wonderful picture. :)

    Awesome in its performance, the lightning dances mid its supporting cast of sputtering flashes across the landscape. The wheat fields bow with the wind in admiration of the charismatic dance, then a moment of respectful hush before the thundering applauds fills the sky as a prelude to the deluge of rain and its powerful raping of the land.

    Fall’s descending face
    sweeps across golden wheat fields
    denouncing harvest.

    1. Margaret...haibun is a great way to express...such motion and emotion depicted in your well chosen words. Well done!

  2. I'll be back...these photos are amazing!!!
    Thank you for visiting me...I will be back and give this a try! @>-------------

  3. Thank You Hannah for your comments. After 'meet' the Haibun, I am enjoying working with it. Marjory