Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Traditions

Black-eyed peas and country ham (and greens for some) are part of a New Years Day tradition here in the southern U.S.  What are your traditions?  Write a bit of Flashy Fiction about kicking off the new year.  Is it an established tradition, a new one, or just a one time thing?

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  1. As Luck Would Have It...
    New York City - The Big Apple, Times Square - Welcoming the New Year. Some folks suggest that you’ve got to do that at least once. But I’m not a crowd person. And really I have visited Times Square - though after living in The Village (Yeah, Greenwich) as a kid. And riding subways, walking, walking, and walking. Well once you get out of the city and into the suburbs...and used to space. It’s hard to go back. Short visits are OK. By bus, with someone else driving and a small group. Seeing the sites as a tourist. And uncrowded Times Square...it really isn’t all that big of an area. I just can’t imagine being there with all those people from who knows where freezing their toes off, watching all the lights blinking and hearing competing bands, that is if you can hear yourself think.

    A simple kiss at midnight, calling those you love at that late hour. Even those traditions change. There were years when the boys were little that we would be too tired to be up at midnight. And to far away to celebrate with family. But even those years passed. Now we’ve got family near, here in our small slice of suburbia and smaller city living. So we let ourselves be invited to gather with our In-laws for dinner the last night of the old year, and with our elder son’s In-laws for the area tradition of a good luck meal of kraut and ‘dogs’.

    I guess food and family is really all that matters. And resolutions to not make resolutions. That’s my resolution. Because we never seem to keep them anyway. What will we do in the future? Only time will tell. It’s nice though being part of the ‘computer generation’ and being able to learn other’s traditions. And if you aren’t happy with this New Year...just wait a few months for Chinese New Year or in September for the Jewish New Year. And there are probably a few more floating in the mix of the peoples that make up the United States of America.

    Whether your bubbles where from clinking glasses of champagne or from soda or seltzer water - Three cheers for health, happiness and peace. To you and yours in a year ending with one of my favorite lucky numbers...The best in 2013.

    © JP/davh

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