Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Museum

(Found on Flickr/Narodni Muzeum, Prague - Loomix)


  1. As far as dates went, the musuem sounded lame. But I sucked it up because, well, I was going to Josh.

    Oh, Josh. How his blond hair flapped in the breeze when he was on the field during football practice. Oh, Josh, whose muscles flexed when he helped pick up my book after Susan Packer shoulder bumped me after 5th period.

    He was worth a boring day of freeze dried history.

  2. "Doesn't this place make you think of vampires?
    Not the sweet scary/hollywood vampires of the last few years, but the queasy in your stomach skin crawling hair tingling sex monsters of legend and 19th century gothic horror.

    How everything leads down to darkness and even the highest point of the stairs is overhung with busts and statues.

    Makes you feel underground and trapped."

    "Whoa. I know I'm not your normal preppy cheerleader fare, Josh, but if that was supposed to make me hot, you've been reading too much Anne Rice."

  3. Hmmm...Josh is quite a guy, huh?


  4. Okay B. you started it

    I guess the Anne Rice comment was lame but I was really nervous. It just came spilling out. Josh didn't look like the type to read Anne Rice. Instead, he looked like one of her characters. You know, so handsome it was frightening. The silky blonde hair that just grazed his eyebrow, navy blue eyes, marble skin. Perfection. There had to be something sinister lurking beneath that charm.

    Okay Annie, get a grip and stop hallucinating. You're crazy about this guy. You're just overcome by his beauty. hahaha

    I forced myself to meet the intense eye contact he was directing at me. Were pupils supposed to be that huge?

    He was laughing at my comment...what was it again? Suddenly I couldn't tear my eyes away even if I'd wanted to. His laughter was crashing in my head like waves against rocks.

    "Annie, what's wrong?" Josh was inches away from my face, his breath so sweet. "Come with me, you need to rest."

    He took my hands in his. So cold. Was it me or him? The marble stairs and bannister only added to the chill in the hollow place.

    Josh silently led me down, down the smooth creamy marble stairs to a part of the library I'd not seen before.

    We stopped before an ornately carved wooded door. Was that a cross? That was a good sign, right?

    "Are you ready?" Josh smiled and reached for the wrought iron handle.

    Ready? For what? And then the door was open. No. This was not happening.

  5. Oh! and her name's Annie. Great!

    Where's your contribution, lighty?

  6. Good grief. I didn't even see what I did with that name thing. Ugh.
    Yea, RJ where are you?