Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My tired fingers slick with sweat slip the corner of the heavy box.


  1. My tired fingers, slick with sweat, slip the corner of the heavy box.

    "Shit!" I screamed, grabbing my foot.

    "What was that?" My mom yelled from inside the house.

    "Nothing," I yelled back. "I just dropped it on my toe." I mumbled, begrudgingly.

    "Well hurry up, David! I've been waiting for that ShamWow Super Spectualar All-in-One package for weeks now!"

  2. My tired fingers, slick with sweat, slip the corner of the heavy box.

    Bone weary and exhausted I stand, helpless, as the box begins to perform a gymnastics routine in slow motion. Corner touch, stand on end, somersault, barrel roll. The final dismount is executed with grace as the box sails off the cliff like a paraglider silently taking flight.

    Carefully, I creep to the rocky edge of the cliff, skidding on loose rocks that go tumbling over the edge, as if in a hurry to follow the box.

    All I can do now is stare at the broken mess littering the canyon floor below. One broken box and one broken body. I sigh. That man was a pain in my ass when he was alive and an even bigger pain in my ass now that he's dead.

  3. Emily, LOL! Sounds like some heavy box of ShamWow!

  4. Ooo fun shorties! Great job Emily and Deb!

    Deb, your last para is particularly good. Ha!

  5. Yay! Go Deb! Very beautiful writing. The slow build was lovely.