Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Funkday

"You're late."
"I swear, I have a good excuse!"
"You'd better. You've got three seconds to explain."


  1. Courtney was waiting inside the theater with her dagger-sharp eyes poised on the door for my entrance--my very, very late entrance.

    "You're late."

    "I swear, I have a good excuse!"

    "You'd better. You've got three seconds to explain."

    Three seconds? Last time she'd given me ten seconds. This didn't bode well for our relationship.

    "Aliens," I said. "I was abducted by aliens."

    Growling, she hissed, "Owen, you little twerp! What is it with you and aliens? It was cute the first time, but this is the third time, and it's just a little ridiculous to hear from a grown man."

    "I swear--it's the truth, Court. They picked me up outside my house, did a little probing, dropped me off here. I'll need a ride to my car. It's on the side of the road about a mile from my house."

    She scowled at me. It wasn't attractive, but it seemed a poor time to mention it. "Are you ON something?"

    "Like what?" They'd asked me to bring out my girlfriend, but I'd declined--maybe I should mention that--win some points back.

    "Forget it!"

    Storming out, the beam caught her mid-stride. As they towed her up into the mother-ship I yelled, "Be strong, Court. It's really not so bad--just stings a bit the first time. I'll just drive your car back to mine--if that's okay. Guys, if you could drop her off at my house when you're done, that'd be great."

    Looking down at the movie ticket in my hand, I changed my mind. There was no point in wasting nine bucks, and I'd been anxious to see this.

    "Take your time!" I yelled up, pointing back at the theater.

    The first time took the longest anyway.

  2. "You're late." she fumed.

    I hated when she tapped her foot at me. It was demeaning.

    "I swear, I have a good excuse!" I proffered.

    "You'd better. You've got three seconds to explain."

    "Here's three words in three seconds. I...just...died." I explained.

    Her raised eyebrow told me she wasn't buying it.

    "Died?" she smirked.

    I waved the treatment instructions from the immediate care at her.

    "Died" I confirmed. "I took quite a shock at the plant. My heart stopped and I was clinically dead. The safety officer at work resuscitated me".

    "Uh-hmmm." She mocked. "What's this" she said as she traced a circle around her mouth.

    I glanced at the hall mirror.

    It is awful hard to explain a gorgeous Good Samaritan who wears lipstick.

  3. "You're late."
    "I swear, I have a good excuse!"
    "You'd better. You've got three seconds to explain."
    She turned soft brown eyes to mine. "Not even that," she said. Outside, the sky caught fire and burned.