Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Funday

I stared at the cat. "Did you just talk?"

It stared back. "No."


  1. I stared at the cat. "Did you just talk?"

    It stared back. "No. Did you?"

    "I think not" I said nonchalantly.

    Still not sure of what I was experiencing, I sipped at my first morning coffee and glanced across at my loquacious feline.

    "That's too bad" the cat replied after a reflective pause. "I was so in the mood for some intelligent conversation."

    "Where's the dog?" the cat snarled sarcastically.

  2. I stared at the cat. "Did you just talk?"

    It stared back. "No."

    I closed my eyes to quiet out the world. "There, you did it again, you just said something."

    "No dude, you're paranoid." The cat answered annoyed. Obviously I disturbed its midmorning sun nap but I could have sworn I heard it talking.

    I twitched around to catch the cat moving its mouth. "This time I know you're talking. You're messing with me."

    The cat jumps off the window seat, now pissed off. "Damn't Whiskers, lay off the cat nip!"

  3. Yay, GWOE is here. Nice job, both of you!

  4. I stared at the cat. "Did you just talk?"

    It stared back. "No."

    No, of course it hadn't. Wait. "Are you trying to trick me into thinking you're not a talking cat?" I asked the gray tabby. I couldn't believe I was even having this conversation.

    "No," it said again. That creaky voice sounded familiar, and the cat's mouth hadn't moved.

    "I'm going to go eat all the lemon cookies, do you want some?" I asked.

    "Staaay Awaaay from the lemon cookies! They're not yoooours," it moaned. I saw a tuft of gray hair peek above the back of the couch, slightly above the cat's perch.

    "Okay, kids, who switched Grandma's meds out with tic tacs again???!!!" I shouted behind me. "You know how weird she gets when you do that!"

  5. "Hey, Asshole"

    I stared at the cat. "Did you just talk?"

    It stared back. "No."

    I watched the cat for a moment. Nothing. My corn flakes were getting soggy. I returned to my breakfast.

    "Idiot!" I heard this time.

    "C'mon, did..."

    The cat just shook its head. "Nope!"

    This was serious. I couldn't eat now. I'm losing my marbles I thought.

    I looked out the window and suddenly snapped my head back toward the cat. Nothing.

    As I sipped my coffee, I heard something again.

    "You, Dummy!" came the words.

    I threw my napkin down.

    "That's it, you guys are messing with me!" I shouted.

    The dog lifted its head.

    "Will you relax, the cat can't talk" Rover relayed.

    "Oh that's a relief", I absentmindedly sighed.

    "The canary's a ventriloquist!" he said.

  6. I stared at the cat. "Did you just talk?"

    It stared back. "No."

    “Good.” I cracked my neck to ease the tension that had been building since yesterday.

    “But I was about to say that you really need to relax, girlfriend.” Cat licked his front paw and rolled over onto his back.

    “I know,” I said, “but I sort of made a commitment to something and I’m having a hard time with it.”

    “Just blow it off, that’s what I’d do.” Cat is doing the bicycle with his back legs.

    “Of course you would,” I sighed, “that’s what I love about you. You don’t give a crap.”

    “Yea, I know.” Cat is sitting at the window now. “So, if you bail on this commitment does it affect anyone I know?”

    “Well no.” I said. “Well, yea. Me. I made a promise that I’d write 50K words for this thing called NaNo.”

    “Do you win something if you do it?” Cat is tilting his head, curious now.

    “No,” I shook my head. “You get the satisfaction that you wrote an entire book in a month.”

    Cat is rolling on the floor laughing.

  7. Deb, LOL. It is sort of ludicrous. I have to agree with the cat.

    Walt, nice payoff there at the end.

  8. These are all great! I love this prompt.

    Welcome, Girl With One Eye! It's nice to see more people jumping in.
    C'mon the rest of you lurkers...RJ is conducting another know you want to write...