Monday, November 16, 2009

Musical Monday

"...Then she swung upside down from a glass chandelier,
I couldn't have liked it more."

- from I've Been to a Marvellous Party - by Noel Coward


  1. "Toby Felis, you should be very proud of your mommy today," said Agent Maximilian. Toby, his arms swinging at his side like a military cadet, followed Maximillian into the kitchen.

    "I'm hungry," said Toby.

    "Here, have a cookie," said Maximilian as he held out a crisp store-bought cookie. Maximilian rummaged through the cupboards. He didn't know why the agency had sent him out to take care of the brat. The pantry was filled with cans of black beans, tomatoes, corn and bottles of Kalamata olives, apparently Agent Felis was one of those supermoms who cooked everything from scratch. Finally, Maximilian found a can of Chef Boyardee forgotten in the rear of the cabinet.

    "Where was I?" asked Maximilian looking down at the boy. "Right, you should be proud of your mommy."

    "More cookies!" Toby cupped both of his tiny hands out in front of himself.

    "As I was saying," Maximilian dropped three cookies into Toby's hands. "Your mom passed the chandelier test today. It was marvelous. She leapt from the top of the stairwell somersaulted and caught the edge of the chandelier. She kicked her legs up and wrapped them around the iron circle that supported the electrical lights while she swung upside down and disabled the simulated terrorists. Not a single asset was injured in the simulation. No one's done that well before."

    "Where's mommy?"

    Maximilian sighed. "Want some dinner?"

    "No, you cook funny," said Toby. His fingers were full of saliva and crumbs that rained down on the tile floor. "I want mommy."

    "She's got a little," Toby paused, "errand before she'll get home."

  2. Nice... Great piece, Aidan. Something about the phrase "Not a single asset was injured in the simulation" made me smile. I hate it when I injure my asset.

  3. Was it me or were there crumpets served? I felt as if a spot of tea would be offered at the end with an English accent. Did it sound English to you? Really cool, I like it.

  4. Thanks. I didn't see it as English, but I do like that view of it; should the characters continue to talk to me... I may have to consider moving them to England :)