Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Funday

All of the lights went out.


  1. I'm loving this blog! Just spent a hour or so reading past posts and everyone's creativity! I will definitely be participating often!
    So here's mine.

    All of the lights went out. Crap.
    I've got to get the lights on before they come for me. They like the dark.

    I let my eyes adjust, but my night vision is still extremely weak compared to theirs. I can make out shapes and shadows. I can see the white trim around the walls and the where the pile of white towels is on the floor. Everything else is a mesh of grays and blacks. I'll have to feel instead of see.

    The walls are rough and dry. The sheetrock is old and would probably crumble under minimal pressure. It will take me twice as long to get across the large room to the light switch, but running blind through the dark would be suicide.

    I begin my trek, keeping one hand on the wall and the other suspended into the unknown. I felt out for anything: the curve of the wall, a chair, a table, or one of them.

    My hand found something. With just my fingertips, I can tell it's soft. A blanket? I take another small step to get closer. I can't put a full hand on it now. It's warm. More like fur than a blanket.

    Now I feel the hot steamy breath on my face. It smells of mold and sour milk. My body goes rigid, not responding to the "run" command my brain is screaming. My legs are locked into place, my hand still on the furry thing.

    "What the--" I heard a voice off in the distance.
    All of the lights came on. And there was my partner Jason.

  2. Cool first post. Who hasn't had a dream like that? I can never run in mine.

  3. All the lights went out.

    Thank God, I thought, running my hands over her supple, naked body. I didn't have a paper bag handy.

  4. All of the lights went out. Suddenly machine gun fire erupted in the room. When the lights came back on, only one person lay dead on the floor, his corpse bloody and maimed.

    His name was Nevets.

    And then, slowly, with a groan, he opened his eyes. "Where am I?"

  5. Kari, Matt, CN - way to explore the dark. Nice stories.


    She waited with her eyes closed. Barely breathing, ears straining for the faint catch of the latch as he, whatever he was, came into her room.

    A thousand times her mother taught her the places to punch, to jab, to bite. A thousand times her sister begged her not to go, to stay, to run. But she would not. Even though her father broke his leg into a thousand pieces.

    But tonight. Tonight she would do the thing her sister asked only once. Tonight she would light a candle and see his face. After all the lights went out.

  6. NEVETS!! *jumping up and down clapping hands* You're back! Goody, goody.

  7. Karilynnlove, very nice! Welcome!!
    Matt, I like!!
    B. I'm going to have bad dreams now, thanks.

  8. Oh no, Deb. Don't have bad dreams. That hidden hottie is Cupid/Eros. Or, if you've recently read Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, a Norwegian prince from Christiana.

  9. Nice work you guys! Definitely some good reads here!

    And Nevets - you came back! Jumping up an clapping with Deb.

  10. I pulled the Land Cruiser to a stop at a narrow turnout. After hours of twisty roads and pouring rain my right foot was cramping. I hobbled out, not caring about the mud, and took a deep breath of pine. The rain had quit awhile ago, leaving the night sky crisp and sharp. I smiled at the vivid stars. They really do twinkle.

    “Nick, get your butt out of the Cruiser and stretch your legs.” I thumbed the knots in my right calve.

    Nick shook his head and stared at me.

    “I know you have to pee, dude. C’mon, nothing scary out here.”

    I stood at the edge of the turnout, far enough back to avoid a landslide that would send me shooting into an abyss of rock, trees, and who-knew-what below. I heard Nick clamber out of the car behind me. We stood silent, staring down at the brightly lit city miles away.

    “They think I’m crazy, you know. Sometimes I do too. Just not this time.”

    Nick looked at me and blinked slowly, his sign that he understood and loved me anyway.
    He nudged the pocket where he knew I stored treats.

    “Showtime.” We stared at the sprawling city, me chewing on a Twizzler and Nick munching a biscuit.

    We involuntarily jumped when the noise ruptured the quiet just before all of the lights went out.

  11. B. whew! Obviously I'm an unread Cretan.

  12. Matt, way to make me snicker like a teenager, dude. Hopefully, you could gnaw your arm off if she fell asleep on it.

  13. "It's simple. I could find my way through blind-folded," I said.

    "Idiot," Tina muttered beside me.

    My boss, Jack, raised his eyebrows and reached over to the switch. All of the lights went out. The crew groaned, and someone hit me on the back of the head.

    "The newbie here brings up a good point. You'll need to know this place in the dark just as well as in the light," Jack said.

    "Idiot," Tina muttered again, kicking my leg. "I vote Slim here tries first then."

    "Okay," I said--if for no other reason than to get away from Tina--just so I wouldn't accidentally kill her.

    I made my way through the house. I was cheating, of course. They couldn't know that I could see in the dark. I kept that secret. It was more comfortable to be in the dark actually. The air seemed cooler and more comfortable. I was anxious for the coming nights when I wouldn't have to venture out during the day. It had been a while since I'd held down an actual job.

    The giant spider hung in the air, limp and plastic, and I smacked it as I ducked beneath it. Walking through the indoor graveyard where I'd be "sitting," I skirted all the gravestones. The sacrilege was barely palatable. If only I'd been able to be in one of the dark hallways. Death had my respect. The quasi-mockery of the dearly departed's remains didn't sit well with me. Still, I was the house's vampire, and where else would I be? Besides, this room didn't have those damn strobes. Why haunted houses all had strobes--I had no idea.

    In the "killing room" the chainsaw that Tina would be pretending to be "killed" with caught my eye. Tina was so annoying--and yet--tasty. My fangs rubbed against the inside of my mouth--elongating at the thought of her smooth neck, running rich with fragrant blood. She was type A negative, and it was one of the few things I liked about her. She would be the first to disappear into the dark of my own personal haunted house.

    I could hear the others stumbling around in the dark behind me. Oh yes. Say what you will about Christmas, but this was the true season of giving in my world. These silly little freaks had so much to give.

  14. Nagel, I felt creepy too until you said hottie, you had me at hottie.

    Wendy, LOL, "so you wouldn't accidently kill her." If I had a nickel every time I said that.

    Okay here we go...

    My nerves caused my legs to twitch. I clutched them under my arms to keep from jerking so hard.

    He slowly, cooly returned. “Hi.” His smile curled, slightly on one side more than the other.

    “Hey.” My voice creaked, giving way to my nerves.

    “Are you ok?” The palm of his hand rested on my bare leg, setting it on fire. The electricity from his touch made me feel seventeen.

    “Great,” is all I could manage because he moved his lips inches away from my ear. I could feel his warm soothing breathe on my neck and smell the sweet minty kiss of his lips.

    Quietly he whispered in my ear, “Are you ready?”

    All of the lights went out.

  15. Nice--hot, GwOE. Mmm, minty kisses.

    I laughed out loud at the "if I had nickel" comment. Yeah... I know. It's cliche, right? ;)