Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Prompt



  1. It was the last place I wanted to be but the only place to make it happen. The hallowed ground made my blood quiver. The wind stayed at bay but I could taste the stale air around me, rotting wood, rusting metal, the last sacred place to rest. Overgrown with weeds and crumbled masonry told me blessings from the priests had long since past. It had to be enough, the dark was coming and so were they.

    Numbly, I traced my finger over the circle of my pendant. I couldn’t feel the full force of my talisman’s power but the occasional flicker of static between my fingers told me I had hope. The sun began to hide behind the tree line, coward I thought. The shadows of the trees grew longer until eventually they became the dark. It wouldn’t be long now.

    The shuffle in the woods told me they were close. I moved to the tiny bell tower, barricading myself in. It was the last night of the crescent moon just before it became new, it had to be enough. I wouldn’t make it another night out here alone. I had to wait and hope they could not smell me before I had a chance to perform the ritual.

    First came the thuds, soft melodic. I can handle the thuds I told myself. Then a moan, one at first, soft occasional, I can handle one moan. It grew louder confirming it had caught scent of something alive. Shhh, I wanted to tell it. Be quiet please, I begged silently inside. My begging and praying was not enough, I heard a second then third now they were coming. Where was the moon? Surely it should be here by now?

    I wrapped my arms around my legs and rocked. Tune them out; it’s just moaning nothing more. CRACK! I heard the first board break to my makeshift barrier. I rocked faster waiting for shot of silver to break night sky.

    Maybe, I stood to my feet, there behind the clouds a glow. I pulled the dagger from my boot, the blade crooked back and forth to a sharp point. Patiently I waited for the cloud to pass and reveal my savior of light. The scrapping of claws to the wood below were not so patient. All I need it one ray from the moon and I’m free.

    If I cut too soon it could bring then down on me faster. Wait. Wait. There, I gouged the dagger deep in my hand and raked it across my palm. I used the point to drip a single drop onto the medallion. The moon’s rays zeroed in on the ruins tied around my neck just as they crashed through the rotted door.

    They were too late. I saw only the clouded white of their dead eyes before the rays of light enveloped me. The light recessed and I fell, into his arms. The emerald green of his eyes welcomed me back. Before I could even curl the rest of my smile the smother of his shoulder embraced me as wept for my safe return.

    (OMG Sorry so long but I couldn't stop. I am insecure about my grammar it is riddled with flaws.>

  2. Wow, GWOE! This is great and I want more!

  3. That was awesome, and I want more too. There has to be more hiding in your brain.

    Sometimes the story is just as long as it needs to be--and sometimes it's too short. Deb and I are voting for the latter--so there.