Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Monsters

(by Amelia, as posted on The Post-It Project)


  1. 'Exterminate! Exterminate!'

    'You'd like to do that wouldn't you?' remarked the dapper Doctor. 'It is, after all, the only thing you're good – extermination, killing, destruction.'

    'And snogging home appliances,' added Rose.

    'Weeeeeeeell, yes, and that,' agreed the Doctor.


    'You say “exterminate” an awful lot for someone who does as relatively little extermination as you're doing at the moment,' pointed out the Doctor. 'Rather like the boy who cried Slitheen. You know, I saw a Slitheen cry one. Great, smelly tears. Sort of oily and green. Unpleasant to say the lease.' The Doctor shuddered.


    'You do keep saying,' complained Rose.

    Suddenly, the Dalek fired – only it did not fire a laser beam or sort of weapon. It fired a stream of water at the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, which was glowing a rather candle-like fashion.

    'No smoking! Exterminate!'

  2. Actually, Nevets, I should have just said that you are very, very ood. ☺