Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday: Three Word Salad





  1. Every morning, even in rain or snow, Roger would roam around the Commons, wagging his tail and greeting all the students.

    Because he was a mixed-breed dog, he could fluently speak several languages, most notably Rottweiler and German shepherd, with a soupcon of terrier thrown in for good measure. And although he had trouble articulating the two-leggers’ speech, he did understand quite a bit of their human tongues, as well.

    Roger absolutely loved saying hello to the vast smorgasbord of people who each day crossed the Commons (not to mention, welcoming their interesting personal and foody smells) but he often wondered why they needed so much schooling. After all, he graduated from Puppy Kindergarten with practically no trouble whatsoever, and if that was enough education for him, why not for folks who walked upright and didn’t generally chase squirrels.

    Unless they just weren’t as smart. Ah yes, there was always that possibility. Woof.

  2. From one dog person to another...arfully good story!

  3. Bullets rained down on the crowd in the commons, reducing the wedding party to a smorgasboard of gore, an unholy union of flesh and blood.

  4. Awww, Nevets! Geez! You are so beautifully gruesome.