Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Charm

"Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question." - Albert Camus


  1. "Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question." - Albert Camus

    I had poured myself into the recliner after a rather stressful day. All I needed was a catnap. All I got was a gently nudge.


    "Hmmm." I said through clenched eyes.

    "I love you!"

    "OK Andrea, where, who and how much?"

    "Mall, Amanda, about forty."

  2. I pride myself on being on top of the game, whatever the game is. I'm an observer, a watcher, and I use that gift to get a handle on people and stay two steps ahead of them. Whether we're engaged in an actual contest or just navigating the waters of interpersonal communication, I know how to play without being played.

    “Hey, Colin.”

    Oh, god, it's Samantha. Her eyes are so damn big and clear. Can't afford to look at them. Not that there's a lot of other parts of her I can look it safely.

    “Hey, Samantha.”

    “How are you on this fine, wintry afternoon?”

    Her voice was so rich and sweet. It was pitched low, but had a high resonance that still sounded so very young and feminine. It was like having syrup poured in my ear. I could listen her forever. Damn, distraction again.

    “I'm okay. You?”

    “Not as good as I would be if I were spending it with you.”

    Clever – rubbing my cheeks to hide that I'm blushing. Men don't blush. Besides blushing is a sign of vulnerability. Can't show that. Damn, what's wrong with my breathing?

    “What is it you're doing, Samantha?”

    “I have to go into Muncie. I'll have to get a ride from a girl in my dorm, but usually at least one of them is going that direction.”

    “I can take you.”

    What did I just say?

    “You can?”

    “Sure, I'd love to.”

    What just happened?

    “Then my afternoon would be complete, Colin.”

    Oh yeah. That's what happened.