Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unpleasant Present

Why is my present wet?


  1. Okay, this might be hard to believe, but that present is the only survivor of the great Christmas plunge.

    You see, I had bought so many presents for you, I needed to rent two cars to get them home. But it's Christmas, you know? So the picikings at the car rental center were pretty slim. All they had were stick shifts. Not a problem, I learned how to drive a stick when I was a kid. The problem was I needed two cars, and I'm only one driver.

    Well, I figured I could drive the first car a couple of blocks, then run back and drive the second car a couple of blocks, then run back and get the first. So on and so on, it worked pretty well. Then I got into the mountains.

    It wasn't such a big deal, I was just getting more of a workout running up and downhill. Still, I was making pretty good progress.

    I couldn't wait to see your face. I mean, these were really good gifts. You've never had anything like most of this stuff. I went all out. Seriously, if they gave awards for gift giving, I'd have won them all.

    And like I said, it was all going great. And then it started snowing, which wasn't really a problem 'cause I had worked up a pretty good sweat running back and forth between the cars.

    But then, there was a problem. You see, I had parked the first car on an incline and then gone back down the hill to get the second car. I was just starting to pull forward when I noticed the first car rolling backward down the hill. I must have forgotten the parking brake. You know how they say things like that happen in slow motion? Well, not this.

    I barely had time to get out. I only had time to grab this one present, since it was on the passenger seat. Just as I dove into a snow drift, the first car slammed into the second and they both went over the cliff, burst into flames, and, well...there goes Christmas.

    So, I guess some snow got into the package walking home and that's why it's wet.


  2. oh I love that one great job! Mine would be too eccentric to follow, but yours was brilliant, and focused, I have a hard time focusing on one topic at a time.