Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Whale of a Tail...

McGonnagle sat on the shore of the Ness, dripping wet. The bite mark on his arm left a crimson stain growing larger. His wild ramblings of the Monster were atributed to an enormous quantity of Scotch whiskey and the shock of cutting his self on the jagged rocks below. Still, they could not explain the welt upon his back. It was pointed with sharp barbs radiating from the center; the mark of the tail held McGonnagle's tale. The constable filled his report.

Write the constable's report of the incident:


  1. This is such an imaginative prompt!! Cheers to you for this, Dyson!

  2. Constable Perkins here: These shores have been sharpened by the lashing tongue of uncountable storms echoing throughout the ages. The rocky shoreline is shrouded in the thickest of green; algae and seaweed rendering it un-steppable yet this local man thinks he’s above fate’s fateful hand, he treks those rocks and does it under the influence at that. He’s lucky he hasn’t gotten more than just this flesh-searing scratch. He’s feverish and mumbling of monsters and ivory piercing teeth. I think he’s just seeing the white flash from when his head smashed, head cracking against gray mass. He’ll be spending a few hours at the infirmary; we’ll see how his story sounds when the spirits have dried.

    ©H.G. 5/2/12 @Flashy Fiction

  3. Whats actually this,, i didnt got ? is it actually a prompt..?

    1. Yes, Ruchi, the prompt is to write what the constable's report would sound like in response to what happened in the scene that Dyson has given us to work with. I hope this might answer your question. Happy writing to you!

  4. Ruchi, the prompt might be a photograph, or a quote. It could be a situation, or the start of the story. Sometimes we use random words...anything to trigger a response. The object is to write your fiction. Unconventional, yes, but effective.