Friday, May 18, 2012

A bird in hand...

Image courtesy of West Hampton-Hampton Bay's Patch/Patti Robinson
Connections are made every day and in different ways:  a bird, a song, the touch of a hand.  How do you find the connection?  What makes it real?


  1. My friend,
    Happiness is the value of life. Each one of us can find something, anything to put a smile on our face. Thanks for sharing.


    He held her gently. Non-possessive. Unassuming. Willing to let her be as free as she needed to be; to make her feel wanted.

    His caresses were gentle, barely a touch. It was more like a sensation that gave her a sense of security without any strings. No fences could enclose her. No heart could hold her. She was a rare flower with fragile petals. She was a frightened bird who rested in his trembling hands. Barely a touch held her. No enclosure surrounded her. She was free to fly. He loved her; he had to set her free.

    And in her freedom she found security. In his hands she felt so free. He loved her so!