Sunday, May 20, 2012

Word Tornado

Today, use as many (or as few) of these words as you please in your written piece:


Or write about wind. Or tornados. Just let your word winds blow (but don’t get too long-winded…remember, this is flashy fiction.)

(Notice that the ΓΌber common words “see,” “be” and “a” are included…which basically means you could write anything flashy, and post it here!)

A gold cyber-star goes to anyone who uses ’em all.


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  2. Sorry about the first removal De; realised I didn't copy and paste a section of it. Here it is again...what am I like?

    “Look,” the photography instructor said,

    “The juxtaposition of those two items is all wrong.”

    “What the hell am I doing here?” he murmured

    “Look, see and learn. The photogenic aspect of food can only be achieved if you think a little and put some muscle into it; yes, your brain and your vertebrae. Move that table to the other window...someone bring me an aspirin...Oh my God, not there! And those lacy napkins certainly don’t work. Whose stupid idea was that? Be a little more inventive people! ”

    Some of the students moved some items on the table and nodded their heads and generally tried to overcompensate for their lack of experience.

    “Now, cameras at the ready, look for the light...wait for it...wait for it...”

    “Oh, God, you all missed it!” he shouted.

    He reached for the table and plucked up the soda can and shook it at the students in an absentminded way.

    “That’s it,” he screamed, “You’re a bunch of incompetents; I can’t possibly teach the fine art here.”

    As he walked away, he opened the can of sasspirilla which foamed and streamed right into his face. He tripped on some lighting cords, let out a single vowel and began to tumble across the floor and into the food table.

    Several cameras clicked away as students wholeheartedly sniggered and learned that setting up photo shoots is really counterproductive and kills spontaneous creativity.

    P.S. That particular class won all sorts of photography awards that season.

    1. Commented on your blog too, Veronica...this is just such a fun piece, every bit as lively and spontaneous as those snapshots at the end. :) Terrific work.
      Thanks so much for catching the prompt.


    Avalon was a beauty; photogenic as far as the eye can see. But to place her upon a pedestal would be counterproductive. Men had the tendency to overcompensate for her pulchritude only to come across as absentminded and clumsy.

    Muldoon Calabash was one such rube. He adored Avalon, worshiping her from afar; afraid to let his feeling be known. And the truth of every noun and vowel spoken by her was that Avalon wholeheartedly had reciprocating affection for him.

    But the young Calabash had gelatinous vertabrae, a weak constitution that a good belt of sasspirilla would surely benefit. For in the juxtaposition of hearts the gentle murmur set to rhythm by this beautiful soul adorned in lacy accouterments would make one's steps more confident, avoiding a head-long tumble. It gave Muldoon more appeal; it made Avalon more assured.

    The hope remained that fate would eventually bring these young hearts together; set adrift in the tempest of true love. The whirlwind of a life together would blow them away like a tornado across the plains. But until condition were right for such a surreptitious storm, Muldoon would languish and pine for fair Avalon's hand.

  4. Walt! Of COURSE you would get them all in there, plus "pulchritude." Just excellent.

  5. Now to be honest I came over to visit your Sunday Whirl contribution. (thank you for the nice comment at my place and nice to "meet" you.)BUT this looks really intriguing!

  6. Sorry, Teri. For some reason my "clicky name" is sometimes linked to this blog instead of mine. I tried, but cannot get it figured out. I'm at

    De Jackson

  7. For I admit, I Jackson Sampson, am a counterproductive procrastinator. All I do it I work on my graphic description writing. I love writing wholeheartledly. I may overcompansate about my counterproductiveness, but, it is just a thought.
    At least I am not absentminded and ignorant like my sister Maybelle. She is quite a sight. Sometimes, she forgets where her room is. I truley do not understand how what is her brain works.
    I love the art of juxiposition in writing, it gives it a flow, like a stream of wods flowing into the dictionary sea. It just gives my a spark of light for my writing.
    The charater in my book that I am working on is truley a born photogenic. The camerea and her is like love at forst click. She wants to be a model when she is old enough. Right now she does beauty paegents.
    As for me right now I sit at my table typing away with sasspirilla in hand drinking away. I think that maybe soda helps you think. The people of this world should do an experiment with that Who knows? When I was in 3rd grade my taecher gave us lollipops and said they help us think and I beilive it. I really, truley think that sasspirilla helps you think.
    I hunch over my computer, drinking. May not be the smartest idea right? Well, I get soar and rub the vertibrea that hurt. I get sore all the time and I should see a ciropractor. I think that would be intellligent idea but i really do not have a lot of money.
    When i am writing I love to murmur the words out to myself be cause they are, in a way, lacy. These words i type are similar to the thread that makes a wedding dress. They flow, you know?
    As I type, my pea brain sister ( DO NOT tell her I said that) tumbles through the door holding a beer. I serioulsy think she has had one too many. It is hard for her thought because she is insignifigant and ignorant, it is not her fault. When we were vildren, she was an excellent student, but now she tells me that I is a vowel. Like I don't know.
    You see, i think that this should be the end of my rambeling.