Friday, May 25, 2012

The color of magic is the color of you...

Image courtesy of Thoughts on Arts and Creative Living
According to Terry Pratchett, 
Octarine is the color of magic.  What color are you?


  1. I am gold behind the cat's eyes. I am silver in a rain drop. I am red in the heart of a strawberry. I am right in front of your eyes, but you can't see me. What color am I? I am blue as the empty sky.

    PS--word verification is extremely annoying.

  2. I am currently a headachey-orange induced by too much yelling in my household

  3. It is truly the magic of putting up many colors.

  4. This morning, the prettiest girl I have ever seen walked by the Starbucks window I was seated beside. She had on mauve tights, a long cobalt blue coat, and she had sea foam green hair. I can’t really remember what her face looked like. It was pale and seemed pinched by the rain, but I thought she was so beautiful, like a lost mermaid in the city. Do you ever have the urge to make best friends with perfect strangers based entirely on the colors they are wearing? Oh, I had that urge today.

    I was just telling a friend that I used to like green very much but then I started liking blue and now blue is a favorite (also, dove grey, mustard, salmon, orange and magenta). Not just any blue though; cobalt and navy blue. Dark bright blue in vivid hues. When I wear these shades of blue I feel like I look fresh and lovely, they feel so good to be in. If I see cobalt when I’m out and about, I inhale sharply. There’s just something about it. My grandfather had piercing blue eyes. He was rather Germanic looking. I have a photo of him looking gorgeous in fisherman blue. My eyes are a motley green/gold colour but I feel as good as he looked in blue when I wear blue. But I’m an artist and this makes me fickle. My preference for color will change next time I see a lovely girl wearing a red sweater and decide I need more red in my life.