Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Changes take place.  We are nearing the final days of Summer in the Northern hemisphere and already seeing the early signs of fall.  For your fiction today, incorporate a major change or a turning point.


  1. A friend’s story of change…..

    Reaching for a book, she bumped the desk and the monitor sprung to life.
    She smiled knowing that it took a couple minutes for her own older monitor to come to life.
    Turning from the desk her eyes fell to the picture on the screen.
    She looked only for an instant, just long enough for her world to fall apart.
    Jerking away she screamed, just once.
    Then fell against the wall, her eyes squeezed closed, her hand and arms wrapped around her head.
    “Get rid of it!”
    How does one forget?


    1. Things can change in an instant. Thanks for your contribution MMT


    Samantha Fleming was all dolled up. She had waited for this day for ten years. Her twentieth class reunion had finally arrived. She had gone through some changes in the ten years since their last gathering. She had a little work done to assure heads will turn.

    Samantha had lost quite a bit of weight thanks to her gastric by-pass surgery. She hadn't been this size since her freshman year. Her deviated septum had been corrected twice giving her a cute little upturned nose.
    A nip here, a tuck there and Fleming was ready to show it off.

    Upon arrival at the event, she stood apart from the group that entered just before her. She recognized a few of the faces, and drew blanks on others. Samantha on the other hand was totally unrecognized. It wasn't like she was very forgettable, it was just that she didn't look like herself. Her behind was more well-rounded. Samantha's breasts looked firm and perky; lips, completely kissable.

    Kat Dailey and Bill Watts sat at the reception table. He gazed at her with a sickly familiar leer. Always the lady's man, Watts remain immature all these years. Dailey on the other hand was aloof to Samantha. She never got along with girls prettier than she was.

    "I don't recognize you, Gorgeous! Are you with the graduating class or are you with someone?" Watts inquired.

    "Surely, she's not one of us." Kat prodded.

    "Why I most certainly am" Samantha informed them. "I'm surprised at the two of you for forgetting!" she chided.

    "I certainly would have recalled someone as striking as you!" Bill continued to make a fool of himself.

    Samantha turned to the woman and sneered. "Pookie, you don't remember those nights behind the bleachers on those Friday nights?"

    Dailey's jaw dropped. Watts swallowed hard.

    "And you" Samantha turned on the "gentleman". "Four years of Varsity football with my hands under your ass were all for naught?"

    And Sam Fleming entered the hall, his... um, her gender reassignment surgery considered a complete success!