Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Did you ever have a dream that felt so real it was hard to separate yourself from it? 
Write a memorable one into a bit of flash fiction.

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  1. Herb sat up, suddenly awake, or so he thought. Flicking on the lights as he walked into the bathroom. Everything still seemed kind of fuzzy. Maybe he wasn't really awake. "Maybe I'm dreaming this," he thought. "The dog's not whining and he always whines when he hears me walking around up here."

    Coming back out of the bathroom, Herb noticed the pictures adorning the walls. "Hmmph. Apparently, I'm not married to Mary anymore either," he murmured. All of the decorations were the same, but the pictures that should have been of his wife were of Janet, the cute little blonde from accounting, which was odd because he'd never talked to her before. She was a definite hottie in his book, and she seemed nice, too. Being married, he'd never had any reason to speak to her, but now she was in his wedding photos. "Crazy," he thought, staring a the wedding photo of Janet and him. "I must still be asleep. That's the only logical explanation." Well, he was still tired, and since he didn't appear to have a dog that needed walking, he shuffled back to the bedroom to get a little more sleep.

    "What the heck?" Herb gasped, noticing the red hair spilling out from under the covers on his wife's side of the bed. Climbing into bed he couldn't help peeking to see who belonged to that red hair. He gently lifted the covers and gazed upon the cute intern from the office.

    "Oh, my God!" he thought. "I think I need to find a new job."

    Herb had just closed his eyes when WHAM! he was jolted wide awake by a pillow to the face. "What in the world was that for?" he asked, sitting up to find his wife holding the pillow, obviously straddling the fence between hurt and anger.

    "You cheated on me," Mary replied.

    "How..." Herb stopped himself, quickly realizing that would be the wrong thing to say. Quickly, he said "I didn't cheat on YOU. I wasn't even married to you in my dream."

    That, of course, turned out to be just as bad.