Thursday, September 20, 2012


Life is a mystery. And very unpredictable. Sometimes we are cruising along and then...BAM!, reality sets in. Will we be prepared? Write something with an unexpected result.

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  1. I close my eyes and I feel the cold metal, a shiver runs theough my spine. I never thought this would ever happen. One day I am at scholl, tallking with friends, next thing I am here, not going by the name James, but by the name Experiment 3784.

    I see the crisp, white room, like as if I even could touch it (Yup, handcuffs.) it would break. Here in my world, it is perfect, sll until the Reign happened.

    The Reign hsppened a few weeks back. People were burning lawns and getting into street fights over us-kids and teens- going into WW3. Others think kids should have a childhood, other think we are smart enough to create battle tactics. Now, kids as young as 10 are wearing camo and holding pistols.

    I am sitting in this lab becuase I am apparently "different". The Whites are testing me over and over, thinking of every drug possible to hit me with.

    Suddenly I see a recute, an older one, maybe 13 or 14 and say, "BOX!" as loud as a whisper can get. In his sector, I can tell by the ink on his tatoo -grey- , that "box is help. He quicly turns to me and I look over at the cuffs. He looks. I look at the key over on the counter on the other end of the room. He leans in, spots the key and nods. He steals the key owth speed I have never seen before, sticks it in the keyhole, and we both dash off.

    15 dead ends later, we are out of the building. He steps off the premises, and I am just about to. I feel the newest drung in me begin to work. My eyesight, it leaves me. My legs feel as stiff as boards. I fall, and can't make it. I know that the Whites will be able to get me now.