Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halt! Who goes there?

For today's Flashy Fiction, write about being on guard duty with a partner.  What are you guarding?  Do you talk to your partner or do you pride yourself on your silent vigilence?  What if you were a puppy protecting his house?



    The humans had gone for the day. The house was empty and Stretch and Stinker had their run of the joint. There was no danger; no signs of trouble. But the pups had a grand sense of adventure.

    Skittering across the hardwood, they played "Chase". Stinker kept a step ahead of his Dachshund brother, which was a feat in itself. But, the diminutive dog had no idea that stretch let him win every time.

    Their dog dishes were side-by-side in the kitchen, and when ever they were nibbling, Stretch would distract Stinker and sneak a kibble or two from the other bowl. Unbeknownst to the "long" dog, Stinker filched his share of Stretch's morsels.

    "HEY!" Stinker called. "Somebody's in the yard!"

    "Shhh!" Stretch replied, "I'm trying to listen!"

    The first dog jumped up on the couch; the second followed. They peered out and vigilantly watched the man with the leather pouch across his shoulder. He lowered the flap and put something into the box... or took something out of it - they weren't sure.

    "Yip, yip, yip, yip" Stinker shouted at the man.

    "Arf, arf!" Stretch confirmed.

    The mail carrier waved at the dogs in the window, giving them the "all clear" signal.

    The dogs were satisfied. The house was secure. Stretch nestled against the arm rest and started to doze. Stinker leaned against his counterpart and slept as well. And he dreamed of sneaking into Stretch's kibbles.

    1. Loved this sweet story...made me want to curl up with them, feeling safe and secure in their well-guarded house. :)

    2. Sounds just like a pair of yappy little ankle biters I know...only one of mine just continues to bark and bark and bark.


    The boy, with his open book set firmly in his lap, sat silently on his perch beside the path to the front door of the house. He saw several people pass in front of the house. Once a small dog came sniffing about the flower beds, but its owner call it back to heel before the dog could leave any reminders of his visit.

    The sun was warm, but a refreshing breeze kept it comfortable for sitting outdoors. That comfortable feeling would soon change. In another month, there would be little sun, the days would be crisp and the nights would be cold. Not long after that there would be the first hint of snow.

    For today, the boy could sit comfortably watching the house, guarding it against uninvited strangers.

    He glanced over to where Stony lay sleeping in the sun. Stony was not much help with guard-duty because he slept most of the time. Earlier he had been laying in the shade, but the steady advent of the day had brought the sun to Stony’s place of repose. The sunlight reflected from the bits of colored glass set in his coat. It was interesting to watch the play of light as the sun moved across the sky and created new patterns of light and color.

    The boy was glad to have Stony’s company even if it was silent company. He looked from Stony’s bright coat of glass to his own more somber attire but did not envy the bright coat. He had been given a fresh appearance at the beginning of the summer and was pleased with how well he worked with the colors of the flowers and shrubs.

    A small garden solar light absorbed the sunrays during the afternoon and sat so that its light fell onto the pages of his book during the early night hours. The light also reminded the people coming to the house that he was on guard duty 24/7.

    His was a wonderful job. He firmly sat on his concrete perch beside his concrete partner Stony. His concrete book never fluttered in the breeze nor did his attention or smile waver. Within his concrete chest there lay a warm and happy heart.

    By Marjory M Thompson
    Flashy Fiction Sept. 2012

    1. Very neat, Marjory! I also have number of garden fairies that read while watching the house.

  3. Thank Rob, These are both concrete garden faries my sone gave to me.