Saturday, September 1, 2012


The band, Chicago, has been one of the most successful recording groups in music.
One of the early hits was a ditty called "Saturday in the Park".

Your mission today is to take one of the images from the lyric (included below) and use that as the basis of your FLASHY FICTION.

Songwriter: ROBERT LAMM

~Saturday in the park     
                                                        ~People talking, people laughing
                   ~A man selling ice cream                      
~A man playing guitar 
~People dancing, really smiling         
                                                                   ~Slow motion riders
      ~Fly the colors of the day          
                                              ~  A bronze man still can tell stories his own way       
           ~Listen children              
                                                                       ~All is not lost
   ~Funny days in the park      
                                                            ~Every day's the Fourth of July
~People reaching, people touching
~A real celebration 
                                                                     ~Waiting for us all              
                                                        ~I've been waiting such a long time

Or come up with a few park images of your own and write them!



    Sassy was the love of Bertram's life. From the time the were growing up on opposite ends of Maple Road, they had always made a concerted effort to seek the other out. Sally Jenks was a feisty bit of woman and Bert had labeled her a "sassy" because it fit her demeanor. She had originally responded with a punch on Bert's arm. Now, it draws out a half smile and a tender kiss on his cheek.

    The times had certainly changed for the two. Oh, they had a good life together, watching Maple Road change and be redeveloped over time. Bertram's house had been demolished by a developer and replaced with a split-level ranch. But Sally's had bought her parent's house and it was there that the couple raised their three children.

    They always went for a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner. It was easier to connect with the goings-on of their community. At times they went so far as McMillan Park to sit by the lake and feed the ducks.

    Sassy had known Bert for over 57 years altogether. He was her first boyfriend. He was her only boyfriend. Bertram remained to to this very day. But their "walks" were much different now.

    Sally Jenks-Coleman just couldn't keep up with his energy. Besides, her hip had been replaced twice and the wear of the daily walks was much too much to bear. Now in a motorized chair, Bert and Sally continued their "strolls".

    They certainly weren't breaking any land-speed records lately. And Bert had to stop to take a breather every now and again. But, they love nurtured over all these years, was fuel of the highest order. She drove, he steered and although in slow-motion, they were still two sweethearts on the move.

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  3. Hi Walt, I love your work!
    Here's mine.
    Love, Susan

    Three Holes at 36

    . . .

    We were at the City Hall end of the Gay Pride March, when we saw the ear-piercing booth. One friend sat for her fifth piercing and another prepared for her second when they noticed I had none at all.

    “But why ever not?” the 5-hole woman asked while the other looked on. I shrugged, but their curious stares pushed the question. Taller and broader than both, with cropped brown hair, I felt my ears growing and glowing instead of hiding.

    “My mother said the practice was barbaric,“ I spoke softly, but within a second we had all cracked up, twirling and hooting around the booth on the brick concourse.

    “I guess that is the best reason to do it,” I gasped as I slid into the waiting seat.

    Rebellion. Better late than never.

    Conceived and posted for dVerse's "Poetics: The Art Of Rebellion " hosted by Stu McPherson. Also posted at Flashy Fiction's "SATURDAY IN THE PARK" hosted by Walt Wojtanik.

    Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast

  4. As the 12 year old's hair whipped her face, she felt like she was flying. Even if she was going to do boring errands with her dad.

    Her dad had an old 1964 buick riviara, with a nailhead engine and a mint green paint job. Nicknamed "rob's riv" it was a smooth and fast ride.

    They passes the local park, where there was a car show on Elm street. On the raidio, the whole buzz was exactky this, and the girl could see why. All the DJ's said the same thing: "Saturday in the park, come see some rare cars, and buy some, too!"

    There were old model T's and 2012 hot rods. But the one that this girl kept staring at was the 1972 Plymouth Duster: The Al Bundy car.

    Over the roaring and riving, people were talking and making deals, people were enjoying themselves and laughing at jokes, maybe even the carpet car. All the girl was focused on was the Duster. On how many occasions do you see an Al Bundy collectable? A married... with children classic. I wonder if they use the screwdriver for the key, like Bud and Kelly do, she thought.

    "Come one, get your icecream, any size one dolla!" woke her from her trance. Two short minutes later, she was holding it in her hand. "Dad, looking at icecream at baskin-robins does not count as getting it!" she said to her dad. They watch married...with children together. He laughed.

    "I know! That is why you are holding it."

    When they walked through the park, people were rasing their rock signs; smiling and dancing. A live band was playing "Pride and Joy" by SRV. Slightly out of her vision, she could see her dad making motions with his hands. He plays guitars. He loves them so much, they are hanging all over the house. "Come on people, you know the words!" screamed the lead singer.

    As the minutes ticked away on the city hall clock, they finally sat down on the park bench and watched the unplanned car parade,aka people trying to get out. Then she saw it. She saw the Duster. "Daddy! It is the Al Bundy car!" she screamed over the shouts of mufflers.

    "Yeah! Isn't it awesome?"

    "I saw it a while back. It looks like these people are slow motion riders."

    "Well, do you want to be interrogated by the police?"


    "That is why they are going so slow."

    When they left, the girl could see flying colors of today. Her dad put the pedal to the metal, litterly. Yhey went so fast, she was pushed into her seat. She made an effort to turn her head, but all she could do was look out the windsheild. Two, five, eight cars they passed. She quickly glanced at the spedometer when the car came to a quick stop. They hit 90 mph. Good thing we were on a highway, she thought.

    "You don't tell you mother this!"

    "Can a bronze man still tell stories his own way?"


    50 YEARS LATER...

    "I have waited such a long time to tell this story to you. Now listen children, listen."

    All the children came to a stop. they turned their heads and said, "Yes, Ms.Smith!"

    She told the story of the 12 year old girl and the Duster, how people were holding hands and touching the smooth paintjobs. The story of a real thing to celebrate, a usa history of motor vehicals.

    When she finished her story, she ended it like so: "Now you see kids, everyday is the Fourth of July, if you let it be, because somewhere, advernture is waiting for us.

    At the end of the day, she walked out to her 1972 Plymouth Duster, with a smile on her face.

  5. Abi, Abi, Abi! I think of everything you've written, this is my favorite. I really loved the window into the life of a daughter, and I found the interaction with her father sweet and touching. It's like you put a piece of yourself in the words. Lovely lines too - she could see flying colors of today. Great work!

    1. Oh thank you! This one took a lot of thought, and a lot of reaserch. Belive it or not- this happened! Well most of it. Car show- real.1!964 Riviara- real. It was a cool experience writing all this. Thank you ever so much!