Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Prompt

Because I need to be reminded that summer may one day be here again, today's prompt words are:

Coppertone + cheap beer + juicy gossip


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  2. Kelly picked up the Coppertone bottle and squeezed out a bit of it into the palm of her hand. She rubbed it on her legs.

    “Pass me the lotion when you’re done with it, okay?” said Angela. She was on her stomach, on a Planet Hollywood beach towel.

    “Here you go.” Kelly placed the bottle on Angela’s towel and then laid back down on her own pink and blue striped towel. “I feel like crap.”

    “No surprise there. Too much of the Hansons’ cheap beer last night?” asked Angela.

    “Yeah, I guess. Mixed with a couple of seven and sevens. And a bit of the Trash Bash Punch, too, I think. Yuck! I can’t believe I drank that much. I swear I’ll never do that again!”

    “Uh huh,” said Angela. “At least, until next time.”

    Kelly shrugged. “But, hey – but at least I made it home last night, even if I did fall asleep on the bathroom floor.”

    “Even if you did barf your guts up first.” Angela rolled over to her back.

    “Okay, so I did. It happens, you know.”

    “I know,” said Angela. “Our hotel room stinks.” She held her nose with one hand while fanning the air with her other hand.

    Kelly ignored the comment (and gesture.) She took a sip of her Diet Coke. “Ah. Carbonation. Yes!” She burped. “’Scusez moi.” After a moment, Kelly added, “At least I didn’t do what Lisa Maranski did at the Hansons’ party last night.”

    “Okay. I’ll bite. What did Lisa do?” Angela sounded bored.

    “Oh, Angela, you’ll like this. It’s good.”

    “Some juicy gossip?”

    “Yeah. She got trashed – I mean really trashed – and went upstairs with Ray Sondergaard.”

    Angela sat up. “Serious?”

    “Uh huh.”

    “I don’t believe it! Ew.”

    “I know. Double ew. Even triple ew. Ange - I so can’t believe you even liked Ray Sondergaard once.”

    Angela sighed as she squeezed some lotion into her hand.. “Ancient history, Kelly. So last month. Live and learn, okay? Lisa will too, eventually. But anyway, I don’t care what he and Lisa did. Or didn’t do, because if she was that trashed, I doubt she was up for much. Not that that would stop Ray, I guess.” Angela rubbed some lotion on her arms and laid back down on her stomach.

    “Well, it’s too bad you had a date with Charlie last night or you could have been at the Hansons’ party and seen it all for yourself.” Kelly grinned evilly.


    “Always something going on here in Wildwood, eh? Okay, I’ll shut up. I’m feeling kind of queasy, anyway. Maybe just lying here in the sun will help.”

    Kelly stretched out on her beach towel and for the next hour, the two girlfriends quietly chilled out, just catching some rays.

  3. Wow, Lightverse! You nailed it. I got my summer fix!

  4. "Coppertone + cheap beer + juicy gossip--sounds like the day I lost my virginity."

    "Shut up," Perry laughed. She was twisting her long red hair into a braid as she sat on her dorm room bed. "Like you use sunscreen."

    "Good point. Lots of cheap beer though."

    "For sure."

    I put the last pair of underwear into my duffle bag and then turned to look at her. "You sure you don't want to come?"

    "Naw." She waved her hand. "Spring break is for the tragically bored. I'd rather lay around the dorms with all the foreign exchange students. Get cultured."

    She grinned wickedly. She was looking for culture alright--with Marco Rivas, the Spanish Stallion one floor up.

    "Suit yourself," I said, turning around. "But if I get kidnapped, murderered, or knocked-up, it's your fault."

    "I will raise it as my own. Swear."

    And with that, I exhaled, turning to her. "I'll miss you, ho."

    "You too, tramp."

    I smiled and left for spring break.

  5. Thanks, Christy! =D

    Suzanne - sounds like the start of another YA novel! Although...I can almost guess what happens next. Loved it!!!

  6. "The beer is here!" Jen shouted, waving a six pack in the air.

    Kelly peered over her sunglasses as Jen skirted the pool, flip-flopping her way to the cushy lounge chairs beside the yellow striped cabana.

    "I just love your dad's house!" Jen gushed. "I feel like I'm on vacation in the Bahamas!"

    Kelly set the Coppertone bottle on a glass side table. She had just finished her application 'ritual'.

    Although she would never admit this to anyone, Kelly fantasized that it was someone else's hands applying the thick, silky oil all over her body. Big, strong, male hands.
    She would slowly stroke on the oil, lingering at her shoulders and thighs, inhaling the heady coconut scent, imagining that is was Jordan Green's hands touching her.

    "What the hell is that crap?" Kelly complained, pointing at the beer. She was rather irritated to have her little Jordan Green fantasy interrupted so soon.

    "I bribed Andy to buy beer and this is what he came back with," Jen apologized for her brother's lack of taste. "I guess it's better than nothing, seeing how your dad locks up all the booze around here."

    "Yea, I guess," Kelly leaned back and worshipped the sun.

    "Kelly, could you lotion up my back please?" Jen asked sweetly.

    Kelly sighed and lifted herself up, grabbing the Coppertone.

    "Hey, I thought Mariel was coming over with you since her car is in the shop," Kelly asked, as she smeared lotion onto Jen's back. "Where is she?"

    "OMG, I totally forgot to tell you!!" Jen sat bolt upright, turning to look at Kelly.

    "So..." Jen began, " last night after you left Kristen's party," she cupped her hand to her mouth,"to make your curfew," she whispered that part.

    "Ok, you don't have to rub in the curfew part, go on!!" Kelly urged.

    "Well, I looked everywhere for her when it was time to go but I couldn't find her," Jen said, shrugging her shoulders. "So I left."

    "So what's the big deal then?" Kelly was disappointed. "She probably got a ride with Adrian."

    "Oh, she got a ride alright!" Jen smirked. "With Jordan Green."

    Kelly stopped mid-air with the Coppertone bottle.

    "So he gave her a ride. Big deal." Kelly relaxed her arm and returned to her lounge chair.

    "He gave her a ride, and then some!" Jen burst out. "She spent the night in his dorm room!"

    Jen ducked just in time to avoid the Coppertone bottle sailing through the air.

  7. You guys are too funny!!!Loved them both!

  8. I’m so busy today… I don’t have time for flash. BUT I just wanted to say, you guys are AWESOME! Seriously! I loved them all!!!