Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Writing Prompt

Crap. Now my parents are buying "tools" off the internet to try to control me. Was what I did even that bad?


  1. “Grounded?” My mother was… grounding me? Was I ten?

    “Yep,” my mom said, sipping at her coffee as she sat at the kitchen table. “It’s six in the morning, Sasha. Did you think you could just waltz in here?”

    Actually, I had.

    “Now go to your room,” my mother added, looking completely sick of me.

    I groaned and stomped past her toward the stairs. As I climbed, I rubbed at my eyes thinking over what a disaster this entire night (and morning) had been.

    I pushed open the door to my room and collapsed on my bed. I was exhausted. Gina’s party was loud and obnoxious. And even though I’d gone there to meet Pete Sandoval, I hadn’t planned on spending the evening making out with him in the basement. But he asked! What was I supposed to do?

    So we kissed until my lips were chapped, then he said he needed a drink. I followed him upstairs and back to the party, only to find… his girlfriend waiting for him! That tool! I didn’t even know he had one. Even though she hadn’t seen us together, she was a total wench and Pete spent the next two hours pretending like he didn’t know me.

    Now I’m grounded? How is that fair?

    My phone rang and I grabbed it out of my pocket.

    “Ava?” Deanna asked.

    “Hey,” I mumbled, leaning back into my pillows.

    “Party tonight. You coming?”

    I sighed, knowing I was grounded, probably for life. “Yep,” I answered. “Pick me up at my corner at eleven.”

    Why not sneak out? I was already grounded. What more could my mother do?

  2. Crap. Now my parents are buying "tools" off the internet to try to control me.
    Was what I did even that bad?

    “This is getting out of control. First they tell me I can’t listen to music 'cause it will corrupt my innocence. Then they tell me I have to be a uniform at all times. What, was I born into an alien family? I always knew my parents were wired but this is ridicules.”

    Sara couldn’t believe how strange her life was. All other sixteen year olds got to have a normal life. Why was her’s so strange? Her parents were born into an Amish society and when they wed, they decided to leave this was of life and raise their baby girl as a true American. But somehow it didn’t work out that way, it just made them paranoid.

    As a child Sara didn’t question her parents’ crazy ways but now she was sixteen and more than anything she wanted to have a real life.

    “How to Control your Teenager; Tighten the Leash on your Teenager, Brainwashing For Dummies.” Sara picked up the books off her dads desk. The more she read the more shocked she became.

    “This is crazy!” Sara’s mouth gaped open.
    What crazy antic would her parents come up with next?

    She searched through the papers on her father’s desk. They were mainly about teenage behavior and STDs. “As if.”

    Then she noticed a strange box in the corner barely covered with a throw blanket. “What’s that?”

    She walked over to the medium sized box. It seemed someone was trying to hide it. Sara picked up the blanket off the box. A picture of a sliver helmet was on the side with wires coming out of it. She bent down to read the box. “Shock Therapy sent straight to your door via the web.”

    Fear stricken Sara backed away from the box. Chills ran down her spine. She bumped into someone.

    “Hello Sara.” Her father said with a rhythmic tone.

    “No…No…NOOOO.” Sara screamed.

  3. These are amazing! The worst part of Flash Fiction is that I want MORE than just a flash! I'd buy and read either of these books...

  4. Christy, that is the most amazing prompt ever. hahahaha.

    I'm loving the flash!

    I need to do mine. BBL.

  5. Okay, maybe. But it wasn’t my fault! I’m chronically in the wrong place at the wrong time. Should I be punished for that?

    It tried to tell my ‘rents this, but they wouldn’t listen. They said that I was using “excuses.” It’s not an excuse if it’s the truth!

    Take the time that I accidentally smashed my dad’s new ride three days after he bought it. Now I know I was told not to touch it – but I swear, this is the truth… what else could I do?

    It was raining (Exhibit A – nature’s against me) and my parents were gone (Exhibit B - they shouldn’t have left me alone, it doesn’t matter if I am seventeen, it’s their fault for setting the situation up for failure).

    My friend Shelly called. She was crying because her boyfriend was being a dick (Exhibit C – how am I supposed to control boys?!). What was I supposed to do? Ignore my BFF in her time of need?

    And I wouldn’t have driving my dad’s car to her house if my parents hadn’t taken away my car in the first place (Exhibit… what was I on now? – anyway, not my fault).

    Is it my fault that the tree fell over in the storm? And that it was lying in the road? Who would have known that it would be there? I did try to break – it’s not my fault that the car locked up and skidded right into it.

    My parents are totally unfair thinking it’s me.

  6. These are all so great! Like Christy, I want more but those daily prompts are coming fast- funny how that happens.