Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wild Wednesday

"...and then he said, 'You're grounded for two weeks.'"


  1. “...and then he said, ‘You’re grounded for two weeks.’ Two weeks! Can you believe it? That’s like, practically a lifetime!” Brittany angrily tapped her middle finger on her pink sparkly cell phone. “That’s what I think about that! But seriously, Luce, what’ll I tell Andy?”

    On the other end of the phone call, Lucinda bit her lip. “Well, considering everything, like you and Andy getting caught behind the A & P making out and everything, you’re probably lucky your dad didn’t ground you for life. Like, a real lifetime.”

    “Lucinda! You’re supposed be on my side!” Brittany popped up from the carpeted step she was sitting on in the entry hall and stomped her foot on the black marble floor.

    “I am, Brittany. I am. But really - you should have been more careful. Now you’ll just have to deal.” Lucinda sighed.

    “No I won’t deal!” Brittany yelled into the cell phone. “‘Cause it won’t stop me, you know. ‘Cause I’ll find a way to sneak out and see Andy anyway. Say, I know what I’ll do. When it’s real late and everyone’s asleep here, I’ll just go out my bedroom window and climb down the tree. No one will ever know I even got out.”

    “I’ll know,” said Brittany’s mom, who had quietly come up behind her.

    “Oh crap!” Brittany dropped her cell phone, which shattered all over the black foyer floor in a mess of pink sparkly bits.

  2. “That’s B.S.”

    “I know! I didn’t do anything either!” Hailey huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

    “Well, you did take the car without permission,” I reminded her.

    “Okay, yeah.”

    “And then you sort of crashed it.”

    “That was minor,” she waved her hand. “It was a fender-bender. The damage is a couple of thousand dollars at the most.”

    “That’s true.” I didn’t know what to say. It totally sucked that she couldn’t go to the party with me tonight. We had plans. Her stupid parents were always ruining things.

    “D o you really think I deserve to be grounded?” she asked, her eyes growing round and sad.

    “Totally not.”