Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Muse


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  2. Officer O’Malley opened his door to the squad car and got out. He glanced over at the crowd in front of the Pemberton Building.

    “These kids today,” said Officer Berkowski, O’Malley’s partner, “Always protesting over something, eh?”

    O’Malley shrugged. “We did the same stuff when we were kids, you know?”

    Berkowski shook his head. “Maybe you did, Sean, but me? Nah. Even then, I knew something about the law.”

    O’Malley continued to watch the crowd. “Constitution allows for free assembly, Mike. That is the law. Like it or not, so just as long as things stay peaceable, it’s no problem.”

    “I hear ya. But still...”

    As Berkowski was saying this, a crash sound came from somewhere within the crowd.

    “Well, so much for peaceable. Time to move in.” Berkowski checked his gun and began walking towards the Pemberton Building. O’Malley caught up with Berkowski.

    “Just one step at a time - right, Mikey?”

    The officers approached the outer band of protesters. They heard a girl say, “Oh shit! Cops!”

    Berkowski and O’Malley braced themselves for what they figured would happen next, but what did happen next was not what either of them expected.

    A young man wearing faded jeans and an artsy-looking green and black t-shirt came through the throng and nodded at the police officers.

    “It’s all right, sirs. No harm, no foul,” he said. “Someone just dropped a soda bottle – accidentally, I guess - and it broke. A couple of the kids are even cleaning up the glass now. It’s cool. Okay?”

    “I guess...” started O’Malley, wide-eyed with disbelief.

    Berkowski shook his head. “Kids!”

    The youth held up two fingers and grinned. “And by the way, Dad, peace out.”